‘CAPO’ Resigns and all Staff! [1]

‘CAPO’ Resigns and all Staff! [1]
The main ‘Capo’ — he shows he’s mafia with his style of humour’ in his choice of name — steps down soon!
The two main reasons you can read below. The rest of my essay is making fun of them poor backward Americans.
They are like Russians: they do not know, any longer, the difference between pure propaganda and scientific truth.

They are like Russians, every argument only counts if it comes from Putin or whomever is fresh equivalent in power.
They just chose ‘King of Spades’, to be Trump Ace for four years as their new President. Reality beats fairy tale!
They only make one single but very crucial mistake underestimating people’s power from their own base, like ME!

Hey Capo, be back in charge and very fast. That’s a order!
As all site seems to be on strike since at least a week, again!
I am truly amazed you did NOT notice it yet! Are you blind, boy?

1 — I posted up to ten or a dozen stories last Saturday 10/12/16 in English, a few in Dutch, none appeared so far.

2 — Last few on Friday popped up empty, were so-called “this post was deleted or you aren’t allowed to see it”,
which means NOT by ME, but You(rs) did it, on purpose or pure incompetence. I don’t care at all, for MY legal rights.

Completely non-controversial non-sexy stuff. How low can you sink? Can you be dumber than dumb? Debilized?
Did it again get lost by an accident in interspace, as so often happens to xhamster, always out of order some way?
Face the consequences in court and be also completely overwhelmed by my concurrence from free erotic Europe.

Shape up your rule, young man.
As all site seems to be on strike since at least a week 🙁
I am truly amazed you didn’t notice yet! Are you blind, boy?

This level of incompetence is intolerable and risks facing expensive charges in court for you(r staff) & the owners.
I start to think from 1 million Euro’s. My thinking will NOT stop till I reach 10.000.000 (TEN MILLION) Euros.
I think that is only a minimum. So Capo, be back in charge very fast to save your face, skin and job, on my orders.

It is fully unacceptable to your main author**, intellectually far superior to all your staff together in all their languages.
I happen to know some of them quite well. Those poor losers, who work hard as your volunteers, completely for free.
I know, it takes them to review only 1.000.000 photos or videos, to earn earnestly finally free premium membership.

So I don’t take any blah-blah for an answer anymore.
I am too old and respected to eat any more of that sh*t.
Do you realize I can sue You for taking my authors rights l L L E G A L L Y?

I am far too smart for their censoring, knowing all taboo orders of letters and automatically adapting my spelling!
I have a bright brain, which always outplays and – performs any American algorithm – all stolen ideas as Windows.
I only can – – yet – not beat “AlphaGo”, bought by Google from an English enterprise of top-programmers, all 9P’s

**INDEED I AM YOUR MAIN AUTHOR! Proofs – not counting hundreds of blogs in a few dozens of languages:

1: — #5 over all as ‘petdyke’ (with 410) in English — Give me back my profile or face financial costly consequences!
2: — #1 weekly or monthly (17) as ‘Poet-PETER’ since Summer,entering the top-100 once more with a dozen in line.
3: — #3 over all as ‘petdyke’ (with 82) in Dutch — Give me back my profile or face fast financial costly consequences!
4: — # 7 as ‘Poet-PETER’ (with 48) in Dutch, in total I’m #2 — Give me back my profile or face financial costs: >10M!
5: — A dozen sexy stories in French as ‘petdyke’ — Give me back my profile or face financial costly consequences!
6: — A handful of sexy stories in Polish as ‘petdyke’ — idem dito, you will bankrupt third time in a row by now.
7: — Two sexy stories in German as ‘Poet-Peter’. Soon dozens more, this time mit perfekter “Rechtschreibung.
8: — Three in Limburgish or similarly in Ripuaric ( = Rhinelandish, oder Rheinländisch, wie Kölsch kalle, öp oos platt.
9: — Soon dozens of stories in Italian, d Polish, Spanish and Turkish — another at least another one or two hundreds.
10: — Readership is usually over 10.000 in Dutch,English, French and German, and even in incurrent Limburgish!
11: — Over all readership is between one and two millions of dear readers, who all heartily hate, deeply despise you.
12: — If you still do not get my point, you just met the third REASON TO RESIGN Stante Pede (that’s Latin!)

Amen! — Professor Protestant Perfect Perverted Priest Preaching Promising Prosmiscuïty Poet-PETER

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