In The Bathroom.

In The Bathroom.
My wife and I have taken many showers together , however, immediately upon entering the dark , steamy bathroom and hearing the steady rhythm of the shower running she saw the wanton desire blazing in my eyes as the last rays of light stream across my face before the door shuts behind us.

“MMM , what’s this? ” she asks, ” Shhh , baby, just enjoy ” I whispered. Standing beneath the hot relaxing water her curiosity is enhanced by the blinding darkness as the anticipation builds.

Staring at the shadowy outline of my beautiful wife, the ache of my pulsating cock grows more intense with each passing second. But , this isn’t about me , It’s about seduction. My pleasure will come in time. As I worked her favourite perfumed soap into a thick lather she leaned facing against the cool wall , I stepped up behind her working my strong hands along the subtle lines of her neck , gently coaxing those tense muscles , a soft moan escapes , slowly I glide across her shoulders and down her arms washing every inch with a familiarity matching her own.

Gently kneading her shoulders once again I continued my exploration. Wandering over these contours I smiled as the “love bumps” rose to my touch. Kneeling , her soft lower back eases quickly at my urging, since I am an ass man , my throbbing cock twitches violently as I frame that firm , round , delectable ASS of hers with my hands , squeezing , rubbing , worshipping. She pushed back writhing in response to my caresses, As I tickled her tight lathered asshole I can feel each quiver ripple through her.

My resolve is dissolving rapidly , I slip my hand between her legs and across the swollen lips of her sweet pussy, rubbing the sensitive clit fast and furious , she grinded into me quaking with excitement. “Not yet, baby” I whispered softly

My hands flew down the back of her legs, “Sooo

tensed, honey” , ” I want you to fuck me , I need your wonderful cock!” she pants in response. Working my strong experienced hands up and down her thighs and calves ease the tension further.

Now facing me, I began the ascend, Rubbing along her shins , up her thighs, using both hands on each leg I squeezed , massaging deeply , hearing her constant sounds of pleasure is bringing me to my boiling point. As I look up at her beautiful face I am reminded why I loved her so much. I gently lifted one leg and d****d it over my shoulder as I lean in , the sight of her delicious shaved pussy is so inviting , slowly my tongue runs along the wet slit, I felt a hand stroking my head prompting more , pushing harder, my tongue opens her wanton petals further, I feel

the tiny clit throbbing , as I brush across it she shakes hard.

Knowing she craves release my pace suddenly goes from slow and soft to harder and faster. Using my lips to pull and suck her little bud feverishly, she grinds her pussy into my face , moaning louder, her breath quickening. ” I want you to cum on my face , baby ” I begged.

Continuing my oral assault on her clit , I drew it in with my lips and licked hard and slow keeping an even pressure. I reached up and grabbing her ass pushed her into my hungry mouth. With her tummy shivering I heard ” Oh , fuck, Yesssss!!!” as she cums hard, convulsing, that sweet nectar flowing into my mouth , my tongue flicking and stroking , draining her. Nearing the end I released her and watched as she writhed in ecstasy. Regaining her senses and breathing returning to normal I again lathered my hands and continued working my way up her soft tummy coating every inch.

Looking up once again I saw that her eyes were still closed tight and she was lost in her own world, the world of delight my hands are creating.

I moved up to those awesome breasts, rubbing underneath them knowing this is one of her pleasure “spots” , the soft moans begin anew. I take those wonderful orbs firmly in each hand as I begin to rise. Now fully upright with my hard cock dancing on your tummy I drew her to me, pressing my lips to hers , immediately we were drowning in passion our tongues twisting and twirling as if for the last time. My rigid cock throbs against her, begging for release.

As she pulled away slightly, ” I love what you’ve done, baby, and I feel great, but, please do one more thing?”, ” Of course , honey, whatever you want I will do”, ” Good, I want you to fuck me hard, right here , right NOW!”, ” Your wish is my command” I respond smiling.

Pushing her into a corner I lifted each leg into my powerful arms, spreading her wide, my pulsating cock lined up with the swollen head pressed to her hot pussy ” Yeah , baby, that’s good, Now, fuck me, I want to feel that big , beautiful cock buried in me deep”

With one long, hard stroke I sank balls deep stretching those tight inner confines, staying there for a moment drinking in the pleasure then pulling back leaving just the head in I quickly pound in fully again as my big cum heavy balls slap loudly on her ass then I began jack hammering my cock, crashing hard with each stroke,

fucking her like an a****l. I love the feel of my big wet balls bouncing off her ass it just made me fuck her faster.

She reached up and grabbed my neck lifting herself slightly , I pound again and again as , yet, another orgasm washes over her and soaked my cock in hot fluid. I can feel my balls tighten and that familiar sense building deep inside as I started coming close to my own orgasm.

As my cock swells even harder she knew now that I’m about to cum ” OH, YEAH , baby, fill me with your hot cum!” she yelled. I tensed and moan loudly

as one final stroke sends me over the edge and I explode deep inside her sweet pussy releasing a huge volley of cum blasts, splashing hard , coating those hot pussy walls to overload as I continued pumping violently releasing what feels like a gallon of cum into her draining my balls completely. Leaning into her, we kissed deeply our tongues entwined as i feel the last shot jump from my cock and sliding into that wonderful clenching pussy.

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