Hypergeniture Bk. 01 Pt. 01

For Women


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4 • Home

As Natasha reached her flat, she found a parcel laying at her door. Not in the hallway, but on the other side; in the sanctuary of her home. Someone had let themself inside.

She picked up the package, feeling the contents before ripping it open to retrieve a simple cellphone. It was the type with a numeric keyboard and a simple colour screen. One that couldn’t connect to the internet or play you funny videos. It was a phone without a camera and without all the bells-and-whistles that make us so traceable. Yes, that was its purpose… It would help her avoid unwanted attention.

The 20-something nurse didn’t know how or why, but she knew it would be safer. She knew she couldn’t get caught.

Walking to her bedside table, she opened the drawer and placed the phone inside… No, that wasn’t safe enough. Not when the secret was oh-so important. She picked it up again and scanned the room for a better hiding place. Underneath the mattress seemed best.

After all, no one could find out. No one at all.

5 • Mayfair

I watched city streets pass me by as we made our way to one of London’s most prestigious neighbourhoods.

The drive was silent as I was speechless. Even the beast of a bulletproof car didn’t make a sound. All you could hear was the faint rustle of my jacket as my fingers nervously scratched the fabric.

Behind us, a black Range Rover followed at a short distance. There were four men inside who made up the rest of my protection detail. “They’re not usually around,” Alicia explained. “We thought extra help might be needed while things transition.”

“Better safe than sorry,” I smiled weakly. “I’m not really at any kind of risk, am I?”

The bodyguard didn’t respond immediately. I actually heard her swallow. It was like she was gulping down lead. Or fear.

“You’re as safe as can be!” Isabelle, the driver, chimed in with a happy tone. She seemed to be friendlier than the baby-faced woman by her side.

As we arrived at the townhouse, I saw more traces of what a new life might look like. There were two brutish men outside the door and another down the street — my men, my brutes… I knew that I was stepping into a bubble and if all this was real, I’d never be stepping out.

The home itself was remarkable. From the street, it looked like a shoebox — thin and humble. The grandest thing about the facade was the resplendent Victorian architecture. It had the distinct features of an old London mansion, but the interior was odd. Age and antiquity seemed to have been randomly mixed with modern comfort. It was a singular style that almost stood in defiance of fashion and aesthetics.

Maybe that was Elizabeth Wharry in a nutshell? A woman who never married or made many friends. She was known only for her businesses. She didn’t care about style or fame or love… Not that I’d heard of, at least. Though, she seemed to love me; if money were a hug and regret a kiss.

Alicia introduced me to a handful of staff who seemed bitter at my arrival. I could understand why. Their old boss was an icon and I was no substitute. They were women who chose their employer because she was a trailblazer. Now, they were working for a 25-year-old dude with no such credentials.

Leading me up the stairs, Alicia showed me my suite. It had a small sitting room with a desk, attached to the master bedroom and bathroom. “It’s big,” I remarked, not sure what else to say.

“If there’s anything we can do to make you more comfortable–“

“I need to get my things from the hotel,” I interrupted, still a bit dazed.

Alicia offered a consenting nod. “I’ll send Isabelle… Is there anything else I can get you?”

Shaking my head, I let my mind drift as I was left to my own devices.

My first thought was to approach the little desk in the corner of the room. Surely, I wouldn’t be keeping my job at the firm. Still, I felt compelled to sit down and reply to emails or check-up on clients.

Reaching for my wallet, I pulled out a fifty-pound note. Holding it in my hand, I felt the worn textures of the paper before laying it down on the desk. The red note dominated the table; looking eryaman escort much larger than I remember cash being. I did the math… I was now worth about one-billion fifty pound notes. An impossible number: fivefold, ten times.

There was one man in Europe richer than me — a handful around the world. I hadn’t just become wealthy; I became ultra-wealthy. Hyper-rich.

I was so caught up in my thoughts, I didn’t realise I’d dropped something when I reached for my wallet. It was Sian Thomas’s pen, which was left behind after our strange not-quite-threesome. I placed it next to the money and the two objects complemented each other’s absurdity. Both were charged with sexual energy — primal and desirable.

Doing a full turn, I tried to drink in as much of the room as possible. It was a wasteland, expensive and soulless. I was hunting for something to reach out to. I was searching for meaning and context: something that could ground me in the unreal moment.

On the way up and in the room itself, I noticed white air-conditioners that stuck out like sore thumbs. Rare if not unheard of in London. Clearly, Wharry did things her own way…

The only personal item left by the woman who once wanted to be my mother was a poorly framed photograph. It was a shell of a ship being constructed, which, I assumed, was her yacht.

A voice interrupted my contemplations. It was older, but not in a way that reflected maturity. Instead, it seemed jaded. Yes, a voice that had been through a long life without much sense of joy. “Can I get you anything, sir?”

I turned to find the housekeeper standing in the door. “Oh… Misses Le Roux was just here, so I’m well looked after. Thank you.”

“It’s Miss Le Roux. She’s not married.”

“Uhm, okay…” I stammered, feeling more like an intruder with every moment that passed. “Is this a picture of Miss Wharry’s boat?”

“Ship,” the housekeeper corrected, though I doubt she was a sailor. Perhaps a pirate in another life… She did have the look of a killer in her eyes and I could imagine her with a black beard and a parrot.

“You know, I can’t even swim,” I explained, trying to make a friend. “I don’t know why, really. There were plenty of opportunities to learn but it always passed me by. When I reached an age where people assumed I could–“

“So, you’ll be selling Miss Wharry’s most prized possession?” my visitor interrupted.

“The ship? No, sorry, I was just telling a silly story. I assure you, there are no plans to change anything, sell anything, or buy anything. I’m still in shock to be honest.”

The housekeeper seemed to shift her weight forward but she didn’t actually advance into the room. She was swaying; testing and taunting like a cobra about to strike. I’d seen executives move like that in boardrooms when they want to dominate a space. “Will you be sleeping in this room?” she asked.

“Is this not the master bedroom?”

“No, it’s the mistress’s bedroom. There are no masters in this house,” the housekeeper declared proudly.

I could tell the hostility wasn’t about me being a man. No, I recognised this person’s attitude and it reminded me of the way some of my old teachers looked at me.

The other students didn’t care for the fact that I was ‘poor’ and they were rich. Some of the staff detested it though. The same way this woman detested working for someone she considered to be beneath her. At school, I’d managed to win the favour of some of those people, so I tried my best to do the same again.

“You know, I don’t know much about Miss Wharry — about your former employer — and I’d like to learn more,” I explained. “Maybe you can tell me a little about her?”

The housekeeper could hardly stop herself from sneering. Her training and experience helped her keep the pretence of politeness (barely). She told me she had duties to attend to and backed out of the room. With that, she left me alone as I tried to settle into the strange new world.

• • •

My first call wasn’t to my mother, even though I had oh-so-many questions, nor did I phone my cousin who was now the closest person I knew in the cold capital city. Once the centre of an empire, soon to be the middlepoint of mine.

I was certain who I wanted to speak to first and I dialled Elle, knowing she was the ‘mature’ one between my sisters. The phone was answered immediately and Tecla announced she was also there as they put me on speaker. Then, before I could get a word out, Elle boiled with anger. “Is it true you slept with Natasha?!” she demanded to know.

“Elle… “

“What the fuck, Olly? You fucked our cousin? Tecla may think it’s cute, but I am disappointed in you. No, wait, I’m more disappointed in her… Yes, the fucking bitch must’ve been all over you!”

“Elle!” I scolded, “You shouldn’t talk that way about anyone, let alone your family.”

There was a pronounced silence before Tecla interrupted. “Hey, Olly, our sister is a little shocked. Of course, eryaman escort bayan we both wish you the best–“

Elle huffed, “The best is back home and not with that slut. Harpy. Whore.”

“Elle!” I reprimanded and a silence followed. Again, the rebellious and rambunctious Tecla was the uncharacteristic voice of moderation. She asked me why I had called and I began explaining the absolute weirdness of my day.

The girls didn’t say much, which helped. Any questions they could’ve asked would be as much of a mystery to me as anyone else. Since arriving at the townhouse, I hadn’t learnt much more about my fate. What I did realise was the presence of a sudden loneliness. I was solitary, even as guards and staff surrounded me. That’s why I wanted my sisters to join me in my bubble, as soon as possible.

“Of course we’ll come to London,” Elle assured with so much love in her voice. “I’ll book the flight, but they might be too expensive since it’s short notice.”

I shook my head. “No. I’ll make sure you get tickets. First class.”

“Oeh! Could we get a jet?” Tecla boomed.

Elle cut in, “Ugh, don’t abuse Olly’s generosity!”

“I’m just kidding!”

The girls descended into a twin-tiff on the other end of the line as I imagined all the things I could spoil them with.

Of course, if Tecla wanted a jet, I would buy her a jet… I would buy her the clothes she always wanted but could never afford. I’d get us a big house, or two, or three. Then, I would buy the girls the best education possible, at the top universities in the world. I’d make sure they could pursue any dream they can imagine.

Of course, I didn’t know anything about how to spend or keep the money I now had. The more I thought about it, the more complicated it all became. Still, I knew I’d figure out a way to make it work, even if only for my sisters and no one else.

As we ended our call, I considered making one to my mother. For now, the twins swore to keep my fortune a secret; giving me much needed time. Maybe I could write a script? Some kind of plan to bring up all the things I needed to know from my parent.

Were you ever going to tell me?

Did you talk to Liz Wharry after the adoption failed?

Do you regret it not working out? Do you regret having had to raise me?

I had no problem with her keeping the attempted adoption secret. Something that never happened doesn’t need to be remembered or retold. In all honesty, I’d rather not have spent a second thinking about the possibility. Thinking that I might have lived another life if things had been slightly different. The potential of a reality where I didn’t have Tecla, Elle, Tash or even my mom was unbearable.

Yet, I couldn’t escape thoughts of what might have been. After all, Liz Wharry paid for my education while leaving my sisters to fend for themselves. They lived a hard life while I was in England or Switzerland, enjoying my ‘scholarships’. I wondered if my life had been such a lie that even my grand job was the work of an unseen and powerful force. My achievements reduced to strange luck.

Winning the lottery without buying a ticket… I wouldn’t recommend it. There was place in my life, in that moment, for a true friend and companion.

If I had any doubts the night before, I now knew I needed my cousin in every way imaginable. Natasha didn’t answer my first call, or my second. At the third, she realised it must’ve been urgent and I told her I’d be sending a car to her flat.

“Sending a car?” she quizzed.

“Yes. It’ll either be a woman named Isabelle or someone else.”

Navigating downstairs, I sought Alicia to arrange Tash’s ride. I found her in a small office on the ground floor after asking directions from one of the domestic staff. As I entered, she jumped to her feet. “Sir?”

“Sit, sit… No need to stand to attention,” I smiled, but Alicia didn’t reciprocate. “I wanted to ask if Isabelle could go fetch my cousin and bring her here?”

“Of course, sir.”

“I know you’re not really a personal assistant, and I’m sorry I’ve been coming to you with–“

“I’m here for anything you need, sir. If there’s a task I can’t carry out I can always direct it to the right member of staff.”

I held my hands together in mock prayer as a show of gratitude. “Thanks. While we’re at it, could you arrange for my sisters to come to London? I don’t know how it works, exactly… Not booking flights, obviously, but with me being who I am now… Or, who I’m going to be. I guess you’ve done this sort of thing before? My mother might join them, but I have to check first.”

Alicia gave me a thumbs up and the look on her face told me she had something to add. I waited as she gathered her thoughts. “It’s not… Well… I would never interfere in your personal life, sir.”


“Last night, we were keeping an eye on you. At the moment, no one knows about your inheritance, but the press will eventually take an interest…”

My escort eryaman skin went pale as I realised what Alicia was trying to say. I could spell it out in my own words, “I walked into a hotel room. I was with two women and one of them was my cousin… Fuck.”

“If you can talk to your cousin, I can deal with the architect,” Alicia offered. “There are incentives that keep people quiet about these sorts of things.”

“The architect? I didn’t know she was an architect…”

Alicia radiated a cool confidence that told me she had matters in hand. I don’t know why I trusted her. Maybe it’s because she looked at me with a cool familiarity I couldn’t quite place. It was like she knew me well, or at least people like me. If I knew her past, I might have stumbled on some similarities between us. Yes,

I trusted her to handle ‘the architect’, for better or for worse.

6 • Secret Ways

A polite knock on the door preceded Alicia. “Miss Natasha Orwell is downstairs, sir.”

I took a deep breath and peeked at my reflection in a nearby mirror. My hair was a mess of dark curls and my stubble was rough to the touch. For the first time ever, I cared about looking good in front of Tash.

At least my jacket was nice and my shirt neat, albeit that both were on the cheaper side. Brushing some hair back, I straightened my shirt and asked Alicia to show my cousin to the suite. “I wouldn’t recommend that, sir,” she answered.

It took a while to clique, but I soon realised where my protector’s reticence came from. “Yes, we shouldn’t meet in a bedroom. That could look strange, right?”

Alicia agreed and took a step towards a section of wood-panelled wall. She pulled on some hidden switch, making the panel swing open like a door. This led to a panic room which had a second secret door that led to what I suppose rich people called a drawing room. To me, it looked like a thoroughly impractical office where one could take meetings but not do much else.

“I’ll bring her up, sir,” Alicia said. “If you’d like, you can privately use the bedroom through here. We swept the house for bugs in the morning and I’ll keep the staff away.”

I felt my cheeks go red as the baby-faced brunette nonchalantly hinted at sex between me and my cousin.

“Thanks, Alicia,” was all I could say (and I meant it).

After a few minutes waiting, the sound of a single set of soft-soled shoes approached the room. Subtle yet fast, intrigued and curious. They moved briskly towards possible answers even though I could hardly be the source of any.

Closing the door behind her, my cousin beamed with startled excitement. She was fresh from work in her blue nurse’s uniform — a look I’d never seen her don, and one that made me smile. She was a nurturer. The outfit underscored her big heart and boundless enthusiasm for people. It was yet another thing about her to fall in love with, and I fell hard. Harder and harder every minute since we let our inhibitions drop the night before.

“What’s going on? Why are we here?” Tash asked.

“Long story short: I’m the son Liz Wharry never had.”

Natasha started laughing. “Huh? You mean–“

“My dad used to work for her, and you know that my mother got pregnant far too young, without a job or an education. Apparently, Wharry heard about it and wanted to adopt me. I don’t know why it never happened, but she felt guilty about getting cold feet.”

“How guilty?” my cousin asked, her eyes bulging as she realised where I was going with this. The exhilaration in her pupils was almost frantic and I wondered if she might faint of surprise.

I was about to blow Tash’s mind, and that definitely made me feel good. “Let’s just say, Wharry felt guilty enough that she left me all her money… Worth nothing if I don’t have you though.”

My cousin blushed. Without any of that morning’s doubts, we were soon in each other’s arms. All the worries of the world faded and a kiss followed without an ounce of passion held back. Chaos came to order and the feeling of our lips pressed together provided bliss and escape.

Slowly, Natasha’s hesitation built as she remembered I was her cousin. She didn’t push me away, but she did distance herself — lowering her eyes — not wanting to look at me. In the silence, I tried to explain my new fortune. At this, my cousin showed signs of interest and amazement. Yet, she had something even more serious on her mind.

“Elle phoned. I can’t believe you told them about us… Then again, I guess you tell them everything.”

My shoulders dropped as I tried to explain, “Tecla caught us out. I would never have gone to them without asking you first.”

This explanation seemed good enough, for now, and Natasha took a seat in the sitting area. The cheeky spark in my cousin seemed to have been extinguished. Things had changed between us; I could feel it in my bones which caused a heaviness that fatigued me.

“I know your sisters will always be the biggest part of your life. You’ll always put them first,” my cousin asserted. “I guess it’s not them knowing that bugs me — it’s that I’m getting between you and them. Elle was so angry…”

“She’s not angry,” I tried to explain. “I’ve been the only reliable ‘adult’ in my sisters’ lives, since the day they were born. This is going to sound fucked up, but–“


The Gift Pt. 01


I was twenty-two when my sister gave birth to my one and only niece, Melinda. When Janie gave birth to Melinda, I was determined to be the doting aunt. Over the years, as Melinda grew, I made a point with every birthday or Christmas present to pick something that would leave an impression on her. It was easy when she was little; I’d buy books, deposit money in her college fund, take her to museums, concerts, amusement parks, all to broaden her horizons. She’d also spend some summers with me, spring breaks, and many three-day weekends. Where we’d tour museums, go to concerts, hike, travel, and sightsee.

I have become Melinda’s confidant, keeper of secrets, and sounding board through the years. I’m also her biggest fan after her mother and father. We’ve had many conversations regarding relationships, dating, and everything in between. I’ve taken her to my workplace on ‘bring your daughter to work days, despite the fact she’s not my daughter.

She’d met most of the men I’d dated, commenting on her first impressions. Most of the time, she was right about them. I’ve never had a relationship last over a year. The reasons vary, and each time they end, Melinda is there to listen and console me. In return, I’ve comforted her through a few breakups as well.

Last year Melinda turned eighteen and graduated with honors from high school. I hinted the entire senior year that I had something planned for her and to keep the month of July open. Whenever she’d talk with me or visit, she’d pick my brain for clues. I’d smile as she slowly got frustrated, temporarily giving up her detective work. She already had her passport since we’d traveled twice to British Columbia, Canada. So, I didn’t have to worry about her doing paperwork for what I had planned. I’d cleared it with her parents, so all we had to do was wait.

On the day of her graduation, I kept the envelope with the details hidden from her. The guests had left when Mel sat down next to me on the sofa when the party was over. She wondered if I’d forgotten her.

I took her hands in mine, looked into her in the eyes, “Mel, sweetie, I saved my gift for last because I think it’s all you’d talk about if you’d opened it first.”

She looked at me, “It’s that good? You’re kidding me. What is Auntie Beth?”

I reached behind me, grasping the envelope. I handed it to her.

She looked at me, then the envelope. I smiled as she opened it. Her eyes widened, then a huge smile lit up her face.

“France? Two river cruises? Are we going to France for three weeks? Do mom and dad know about this? Oh, my god! Auntie Beth, this is too much!”

I smirked, “Okay, I’ll cancel it.”

The look on her face when she said, “Oh no, you won’t!”

I laughed, “As if, sweetie. I want to go too, you know.”

She dropped the envelope and hugged me.

“This is the best present ever; I love you, Auntie Beth.”

“I love you too, sweetheart. I’m glad you like it.”

She laughed, “Like it, I love it! You are the best aunt ever!”

She got up and ran to show her parents, who already knew. She was so adorable, and I almost wished she had a sister to spoil so I could do it all over again.

Over the next few weeks, we went over the cruise line’s various shore excursions. I’d already selected a few when I booked. I knew Mel and had a good idea what she’d like to do, so there were a couple of minor tweaks with the plans. We kept checking the weather despite the fact we were weeks away. Mel packed and repacked her suitcase about a dozen times. She even started taking French language lessons on an app with her phone.

Then there were the questions, every day. I got at least one call asking what we would do the week between cruises. What if we got sick, what if, what if, what if. I was patient with her; I loved her excitement and answered her the best I could. She sent me pictures of the clothes she was packing, and she’d text me in French. The girl was excited.

Mel was still bubbly when we finally left Seattle for the almost fourteen-hour flight. She took selfies of us sitting around the airport. She listened to music, texted her friends, and walked around inside the terminal, trying to contain her emotions.

The flight was long. I told Mel not to drink coffee, soda, or eat anything that would keep her awake. She didn’t, and still, neither of us could sleep. She held my hand from time to time, leaned over and whispered how excited she was, and thanked me for being her Auntie Beth.

She read, watched movies, played games on her phone between meals, and tried to sleep. I tried to sleep also, but the noise of the airplane wouldn’t let me.

When we finally arrived in Paris, we were both like zombies. I had arranged car service through the cruise line, so we were picked up in the baggage claim area then whisked off to our ship. We met the cruise director and shown to our stateroom. I’d explained to Mel that we would share a room as we had on previous trips. Only this time, we’d be sharing a bed also. She didn’t have a problem with it at all.

We had some time to unpack and relax before keçiören escort attending the ‘get acquainted’ gathering before dinner. Mel showered first as I watched the welcome video on the television. Then it was my turn. I’m glad we had limitless hot water I soaked under the shower for a good twenty minutes. Mel even peeked in to make sure I hadn’t fallen asleep. I decided to remain in my bra and panties until the reception. Mel seemed refreshed, so she dressed and went out to walk around the ship. I decided to nap for a bit, setting my alarm so I had time to get dressed.

I must have dropped off quickly; it seemed like I just closed my eyes when I heard the alarm. I opened my eyes and reached for my phone to discover Mel spooning against my back. She stirred, half asleep as I shut off the chime. I rolled over, brushed her hair from her face as she slowly opened her eyes. Smiling, I kissed her forehead.

She smiled, whispering, “This ship is amazing, Auntie Beth. Thank you.”

Then she kissed me on the lips. It was brief, not like a lover. Just soft and sweet.

I asked where she went, and she told me she’d wandered around on the top, and that was it. She watched people and their luggage boarding, talked to a few passengers; all of them seemed like they were much older than me. I grinned and thanked her for that observation. She laughed, blushing, then buried her face in a pillow.

I told her we should get ready for the gala. I suggested she wear something nice, but not formal. I didn’t notice she’d set out a nice pants suit before joining me for a nap. We dressed, then strolled to the main area for the gathering.

They were handing out flutes of champagne as we walked in. At first, Mel refused a glass, but she accepted one from a server after we sat down and began socializing. I gave her a look, and she mouthed back just one as I nodded my head.

We introduced ourselves to the couples near us, chatted a bit. Our cruise director took the microphone introducing the Captain. He talked about the ship along with a few safety reminders. We sat and listened as he turned the microphone back over to the cruise director. I looked around the room, noticing that Mel was the youngest person. I was a close second, although I saw a few couples nearer my age.

When the talk was over, we headed to the main dining area for a delicious dinner as the ship got underway. I let Mel have one glass of wine with dinner. I didn’t need to deal with a drunk teenager. We talked more with our fellow passengers but didn’t stay long. The jet lag was getting to us both. We said our goodbyes, then went up on the deck to watch as we left Paris headed west. Mel felt a bit tired, so we walked around and took a few selfies before adjourning to our cabin.

We talked a bit about the evening, the ship, and our fellow passengers as we got ready for bed. When Mel was comfy under the sheets, I turned out the light. In the dark, Mel snuggled up to face me, and we talked a bit more in whispers. I could feel her cute little feet rubbing against my ankles as we lay whispering. I hadn’t had a lover in at least six months; her soft, gentle massage with her feet sent chills through me.

I didn’t say anything, her feet were a bit cold, and she did stop after they warmed a bit. I could tell she was slowly getting into that dreamy state before falling asleep. She scooted closer to hug me good night. I felt her firm breasts against mine as we said our goodnights once more.

I have to confess, I’ve never been attracted to women or girls, but the soft subtle touches and my self-imposed celibacy had me a tiny bit aroused. I knew better; my god, Mel was my niece! She drifted off as we lay facing each other. I rolled over and stayed awake, thinking about what had just occurred. Then my sleep deprivation ceased as I closed my eyes to dream.

When I drink, which isn’t that often, I usually wake up overheated in the middle of the night. This night was no exception. It was around one when I woke in a sweat. Realizing Mel was in bed with me, I debated removing my sleep top or kicking off the covers. I opted for the covers as I lay thinking about her feet against my ankles earlier. After a few minutes, I hadn’t cooled down, and I could hear Mel snoring. I thought about taking my tee off again then sat up slightly to remove it. I’d just tossed it on the floor and settled back down when Mel, half-asleep, snuggled up to me, whispering in my ear. I was already hot, and her warm breath, coupled with her hand resting on my tummy, made me hotter in more ways than one.

“I can’t sleep, either, Auntie Beth. I want to, but I can’t.”

She jerked her hand off me, “Oh, my. You’re hot. Am I too close?”

I told her, “I get that way when I have drinks sometimes, and I don’t know why. I’m cooling down now, and you’re fine, sweetie.”

She eased her hand back onto my tummy, slowly making little circles with her fingertip as we lay there whispering.

I turned to face her, feeling her hand move from my tummy to my hip, “I know, it’s keçiören escort bayan the jet lag coupled with the wine, sweetie. Our internal clocks are screwed up.”

I could feel the ship moving along the Seine, and the moon shone through the curtains covering the sliding glass door to our balcony. Now and then, there was just enough light to make out Mel’s face. She was watching me, her eyes locked with mine.

Her finger continued making circles and grazing my hip. Her touch was soothing and innocent. I felt like touching her, too but refrained. We were both wide awake as we continued our chat.

“Have you ever been in love, Auntie Beth? I mean completely and totally in love with someone?”

“Yes, I have, sweetie, a couple of times. But, things changed, and the person changed. Why do you ask?”

“Was it always with a man? I mean, have you ever felt like that with another woman?”

“We’ve talked about this before; you know I’ve only dated men. I guess I could fall in love with another woman. I’ve never met one I was attracted to.”

“Umm, well, Do you remember me talking about Sam?”

“Yes, I do; he was a bit too controlling and needy for you, right?”

She nodded, “Yes, well, Sam was Samantha. She was needy, and I was not too fond of that. At first, we were so right together, but she changed as I told you.”

“I understand. Why are you telling me this?”

“I don’t know. I was going to talk to you about it, but I was so excited about the trip to France it got pushed back in my brain. I needed to tell someone, and I know you wouldn’t judge me or anything. I’m not sure I like girls in that way. I’m tired, and I was thinking about it, trying to get back to sleep. My brain won’t shut off.”

I giggled, “Mine won’t either, but we do need to get some sleep. Just lay here and close your eyes, okay? You know I love you, and I think if you told your mom and dad that you loved a girl, they’d be fine with it. They love you and want you to be happy. You’re just eighteen and have your whole life ahead of you. You’ll fall in and out of love a few times. Each will be a learning experience, sweetness. Now, close your eyes and get some sleep.”

She snuggled close to me, hugging me as best she could. I felt that tingle in me again as she said good night and rolled over. I closed my eyes, thinking about what she’d said, wondering again why she’d bring that up in the middle of the night.

Morning came after a rough night. I should have known it would be a long night, unfamiliar bed, the wine, jet lag, and someone sleeping next to me all contributed to me being cranky. I didn’t let Mel see my dark side, this was her gift, and I didn’t want to spoil it for her by being a pain. So, I nudged sleeping beauty awake as I was getting dressed. It was just after seven, and we had plenty of time for breakfast before our first excursion.

I waited patiently for her to get dressed. I busied myself reading the itinerary and telling Mel about the things we’d see and do. She was in a good mood and anxious to start touring. We ate breakfast then joined our tour guide and fellow passengers. Our tour was the more adventurous of the two offered. We’d hike from our ship up to Château Gaillard. I was surprised at how good of shape I was in, trudging up the hillside. We paused to look out over the Seine, enjoying the views and taking lots of pictures.

We toured what was left of the castle, listening to the tour guide talk about how it was created, what it housed, and what life was like in the castle.

We hiked back down to the ship and lunch when it was all over. We ate with another couple, exchanging stories, laughing, and getting to know each other. We spent the remainder of the day sailing toward La Havre, watching the landscape pass by and enjoying the relaxation.

We napped in our cabin for about an hour. I was lying on my back, just about to nod off, when Mel snuggled up to me as she slept. She slipped next to me, arm over my tummy, head nestled under my arm. I didn’t have the heart to wake her even though she’d interrupted my nap. I lay quietly, watching her breathe. She was so peaceful as I gently stroked her head with my free hand, wondering what she was dreaming.

Her confession last night regarding Samantha as we lay in bed threw me for a bit of a loop. I guess girls are more open about sex these days than I was at her age. I smiled, thinking back if I had told my parents I was dating a girl, they would have disowned me or just called it a phase and hoped for the best.

I guess it doesn’t matter. Either sex can be manipulative, controlling, and abusive. I’m glad Mel saw through it and cut it off before things got worse.

I lay there thinking I could see what Samantha saw in Mel. Mel is sweet, intelligent, and a joy to be around. Maybe someday she’ll find the right person. For now, she’s just enjoying me doting over her, and that makes us both happy.

Sleep almost had me in its grasp again when I felt Mel’s hand move to my breast. She was still sleeping as escort keçiören far as I could tell. I think she must have been dreaming because she wrapped one leg over me as her hand kneaded my breast. She mumbled something I couldn’t make out as she worked my breast over with her hand. I lay there debating whether to wake her. I knew I should, her actions were inappropriate, but it did feel good. I endured her touch as long as I could, then quietly spoke her name, hoping she’d wake.

Finally, I raised my voice slightly above a whisper. Mel opened her eyes, realizing how she was lying against me; she blushed, apologized, and quickly moved away, embarrassed that she was snuggling so close to me.

I told her it was fine, she was tired and not to worry about it. She continued telling me how sorry she was. I told her to hush, the bed was small, and I was sure we’d probably bump into each other more.

Now fully awake, we straightened ourselves and went topside to watch France pass by.

We talked about all sorts of things while sitting in the warm sunshine. We took pictures, visited with our fellow passengers, and enjoyed doing nothing. I hesitated to ask more about Samantha since we’d discussed her back when I thought she was a boy. Instead, I asked when she started thinking about girls.

It took Mel a few moments to collect her thoughts. We were alone, sitting in lounge chairs as people walked around on the deck getting their miles in. When she’d gathered her thoughts, she told me it was a gradual thing. She’d known Samantha since her sophomore year. They weren’t best friends then. Over the next couple of years, they discovered more about each other, dated guys who were friends, were in many of the same classes. They would tell each other secrets like Mel and I did.

Eventually, when they were both on the rebound, Samantha brought up the subject of same-sex relationships. They both knew some girls who were bisexual and or lesbians. They pondered how it would be since they both were getting tired of the boy’s mind games. They went into their relationship with eyes wide open. First, it was kissing, which evolved to breast play, then cuddling nude, and eventually mutual masturbation. They went slowly, both unsure of how the other would react.

Their sexual relationship lasted about four months. Samantha became more possessive and controlling, something that Mel despised. So, Mel broke it off, which upset Samantha, who quit talking to Mel for the remainder of their senior year.

Mel didn’t go to the senior prom because of the drama with Samantha. She liked having someone she could confide in, share mutual interests, and just talk. It was different than having a boyfriend who constantly wanted sex.

I sympathized with her since I had the same issues with many men I’ve dated. We both laughed, and I think I saw a sly grin on Mel’s face after we’d settled down. She asked about my dating life, how it was with more mature men. I contemplated that for a few, thinking back through the years.

I told her, “I think when men and women age, they look for more than just sex. Of course, there are always exceptions to that. But, many of the men I’ve dated recently try to be friends first and find more common grounds than just the physical attraction. It varies on what each individual’s situation is at the time.”

She nodded, “That makes sense. They’ve had their fun and are looking for someone to settle down with long-term, I guess. Mom and dad talk about growing old together and not wanting to be alone. I’ve heard them talk about the ‘what if I die would you remarry’ thing.”

I smiled, “I can’t see your mother with anyone else if that ever happened. Which I hope never does, sweetie.”

She sighed, “I know, thanks. I can’t see either of them remarrying.”

We sat in silence, me thinking about relationships, past, and future. Mel was also thinking, but I had no clue about what. I’d never thought about a same-sex relationship. I didn’t have many close female friends, except my sister and Mel. I wasn’t going to have sex with either of them. As I thought more about it, it didn’t seem that bad. I laughed to myself, who knows, maybe I was bisexual and didn’t know it.

We sat in silence for a few minutes when I suggested we slip into the lounge area to listen to the onboard entertainer play the piano. We noticed they had a ‘cocktail of the day and this day’s cocktail was a Manhattan. I’m not a hard alcohol drinker, but Mel asked if I’d order one so she could taste it. I did because she’s such a sweetie, and it was only going to be one drink.

The drink arrived, and Mel would sneak a sip now and then. We watched as older couples danced, swaying back and forth, smiling, and talking. The piano player did know some relatively recent tunes, but mainly he played much older songs geared towards the sixty and up crowd.

Mel was getting into the songs, swaying, tapping her feet all while sneaking sips. I smiled, watching her. She was so darn cute. She asked me to dance, which I think was partially the Manhattan talking. I declined a couple of times because I’m not a dancer. She was relentless; I finally caved, got up, then followed her to the dance floor. We shook our asses for three songs, laughing, talking, challenging each other to show off our dance moves. I, of course, was very limited. Mel had some moves that had the people around us smiling, pointing, and talking.


My Mom vs. My Sister Ch. 04


*** Continued from Chapter 3

Main characters:

Cathryn: Mom, 47, ER doctor

Caitlyn: Daughter, 19, porn actress

Carter: Son, 18, student

Kaho Ling: No relation, 19, Asian porn actress


My sister, Caitlyn, just completed her first double penetration scene in the living room of an otherwise innocuous two-story home in Fairfield, California. She didn’t look much different as she stepped out of the house and toward my car. But what do women look like after a DP? It’s not like spending a week on the beach in Hawaii.

Surprisingly, after taking two pornstar-sized cocks in her asshole and pussy, she was starving, so we went to Taco Bell to celebrate her second porn shoot. And because my sister is a flake and I don’t want to lend her any more money, I’ve become her personal assistant.

She lost her license, so I am her driver. She can’t even read a Tweet before her ADD kicks in, so I have to read her contract. And other than texting and taking selfies, she doesn’t know how to use her iPhone, which for some reason, always has to be the latest model.

I’m only eighteen, and know nothing about the porn industry, except that I’ve seen every porn movie ever made. And I do know that my temperamental Marie Antoinette of a sister is going to be trouble on a porn set. After just two videos, she already has an attitude.

“Those fucking scum were assholes,” said Caitlyn as she reached across the table, scooped up a nacho from my beloved Grande box, and took a bite. “I’m not working with them again.”

I wondered how my sister could possibly make it in porn. It’s her last shot in life. She’s got the face and the body, and she’s oversexed. She loves to be on camera. But she has no empathy or social skills and treats everyone like shit. Unless she’s treated like a princess everywhere she goes, she doesn’t go back.

“Caitlyn, you’re not famous. You can’t pick who you work with unless you are a big star.”

“I don’t care, I’m still not working with them. They just tried to put their fucking cocks in my pussy at the same time.”

“That’s what happens in DPs, Caitlyn.”

“It won’t happen to me. I told them if they try that again, I’m fucking out of there.”

“Caitlyn, you have to be careful how you talk. The porn community is tightly knit, and word gets around quickly. You’ll be blacklisted.”

“I don’t give a fuck, I do not get treated like that.”

I sighed. I really don’t like talking to my sister for very long. That’s why we’re eating at Taco Bell.

“Now don’t take this the wrong way, Caitlyn, but you’re lazy and stupid. Porn is the only way you can make money.”

“Hey, no one asked you, fuckface.” Caitlyn sneered at me and tossed her half-eaten chip back into my sacred Grande box.

“There are thousands of hot actresses out there that don’t cause trouble on the set. You’ve got to be nice to people.”

“You sound just like mom. She’s been running that line on me ever since my first day at school.”

Mom told me all about her first day in kindergarten. About ten times.

“Didn’t you flip off your teacher and call her a ‘pedo’?”

“I don’t remember.”

Caitlyn’s iPhone was sitting on the table and lit up. She picked it up and read her text.

“Well, dweeb, looks like you’re wrong again. They just offered me another movie. For two thousand.”

“What kind of part?”


“What kind of roleplay?”

“Mother-daughter. Do you know who Annabelle Cruz is? She’s the mom.”

“Yes, late thirties, black hair, nice body, with a lot of Botox in her lips. Does mostly incest porn.”

I am like Google for porn actresses. I didn’t tell my sister that Annabelle Cruz looks a little like mom. But I once heard that porn actresses would rather do roleplay incest with the member in their family they hate the most. If that’s true, then Caitlyn will jump at this.

“They shoot tomorrow at ten. Can you give me a ride?”

It really bothered me that they offered my sister another movie so quickly. I don’t know how she continues to get away with all her bullshit. She’s gotten away with murder her whole life. I’ve never seen anything like it.

I was at least hoping that a failed career in porn would be a teaching moment for her. If any industry was going to treat a hot woman like dirt, it would be the porn industry.

She needs to be shown that just being a beautiful woman with a great body doesn’t mean you get a free ride in life.

But who am I kidding? That’s exactly what it means.

* * *

My sister’s sudden employment in the porn industry is probably the least surprising occupational decision I’ve ever seen. She basically does three things during the day: takes selfies, looks in the mirror, and has sex. And she loves to be filmed having sex.

She forces her cavalcade of boyfriends to take hundreds of photos and vids of her. And late at night, instead of getting on the internet and watching other people fuck, she’d rather look at marmaris escort vids of herself while masturbating. She can literally cum watching herself.

Caitlyn makes friends quickly, but they last as long as the sex does. Most of her new friends start as hookups. Caitlyn was introduced to a beautiful nineteen-year-old Asian porn actress, Kaho Ling, by a common boyfriend. Kaho liked the threesome with my sister so much that she recruited her for a lesbian porn.

Kaho, while being one of the kinkiest performers I’ve ever seen, isn’t your average pornstar. She goes to community college and wants to become a veterinarian. She is currently taking a summer school calculus course and it’s crushing her dreams of getting into veterinary school.

Since my sister informed her that I won the Trig-Star math competition at my high school three straight years, she asked me to help her.

And tonight, I have a date with a pornstar. A “study” date. I’ve had many “study” dates in high school. Always about math, and always with a girl who flirted me up in class, setting me up to beg her to do her homework.

Kaho’s desire for a professional career is surprising, as she is a very nasty pornstar. One of the dirtiest in the business. She does everything, including fake incest, lesbianism, gang bangs, urination, fisting, and DPs. She is petite, five feet one, and ninety pounds.

Kaho has long black hair that is always in the way during her sex scenes. Her face is sweet and small with thick and pouty south Asian lips. She was born in the Philippines, and her parents broke up when she was just three. She currently lives with her mother in Vallejo.

My mother, an ER doctor, had to work late tonight, so I have the house to myself. Kaho arrived just after six, and was dressed conservatively, in a long sleave gray top and blue jeans. Her hair was pulled tightly back into a long horse tail, and she wore horn-rimmed glasses.

We went into the study and she opened her backpack, setting her laptop on the desk. I looked over her shoulder as she navigated to her homework website. Then she read off her first homework problem.

“Okay, Carter, here’s my first problem. Using the chain rule, what’s the derivative of x to the y power?”

“That would be y times x to the y minus one power, times the derivative of x,” I replied quickly.

“Are you shitting me?” she asked.

“Nope. The chain rule is really easy. It’s C.”

Kaho selected option “C” for the multiple-choice problem and submitted it.

“It’s correct. Caitlyn told me you are a genius.”

I might as well have had fifty million dollars and a twelve-inch cock. She gushed. I was getting blown tonight. And it took just one calculus problem. If a nerdy Asian pornstar wasn’t giving me a blow job after a successful calculus problem, then she was never gonna give me one.

* * *

Kaho had nineteen more problems, and an hour later, she racked up a perfect score.

“Carter, you’re a life saver. I don’t know why I need to know calculus to get into veterinary school.”

“Yeah, we have two cats. I don’t see the need either.”

Kaho laughed, closed her laptop, and turned the swivel chair to face me.

“How is your mom?”

“She didn’t get mad at me.”

“Not even for ruining her panties?”

“She’s a doctor. She was completely cool about it.”

“You’re lucky. My mom would have killed me.”

“My mom’s very open minded. She’s a great person, and I’m not just saying that because I’m her son.”

“Does she have a boyfriend?”


“Does she put a lot of pressure on you to be the man in her life? Single moms often do that to their sons.”

Was Kaho accusing me of having sex with my mom? I was, but that’s such an awful thing to accuse me of.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Relax Carter, I’m not accusing you of having sex with her. It’s not a big deal anyway,”

“How is that not a big deal?”

“Guys fuck their moms all the time. A lot more than you might think. I’ve even known one.”

I pretended to be shocked. “Are you kidding me?”

“No. A porn actor I once dated. I won’t say his name, you’ve probably seen him. They even filmed themselves. He showed me one of their vids.”

“Are you serious?”

“It was really disappointing. They were so passionless. Didn’t even kiss. And he even fucked her with a condom. I mean, why bother? I always thought mothers and sons fucked like wild dogs.”

Interesting that Kaho would say that. She has done four mother-daughter lesbian scenes and does them with enthusiasm. She even says “mom” frequently during the scene, which is unusual for an incest roleplay actress, who might not even use the word once. Even more unusual, Kaho still lives with her mom.

“I thought so too.”

“Do you know that your sister thinks your mom has the hots for you? That’s why she got kicked out.”

“She got kicked out because she rented out mom’s house for a porn shoot. On top of a million marmaris escort bayan other things.”

But our brief chat on mother-son incest would be postponed. The garage door opened.

“It’s my mom. Don’t worry, I told her you were coming over to study.”

“Does she know who I am?”

“I don’t know.” I knew, but that would mean something wasn’t quite normal between my mom and me.

A few moments later, mom’s footsteps approached the door. Then finally, a soft knock. Since I was twelve, mom wisely knocked before entering any room she thought I was in. And that saved me countless embarrassing moments.

“Come in.”

Mom poked her head in and smiled. “Hi honey, hello Ms. Ling. How is the study session going?”

“Good,” I said. “We’re done.”

“Great. Ms. Ling, I brought a pizza home. Would you like to join us for dinner?”

* * *

Five minutes later, we were all seated at the end of the dinner table, with my mom taking the captain’s chair. I had previously prepared a salad and we were all in the process of selecting our pizza slices when mom opened the discussion.

“Kaho, Carter tells me you are studying to be a veterinarian?”

Kaho took a small bite, finished chewing, then sipped her water. “Yes, and calculus is killing me. I’ve got to pass this class, or I’ll never make it. And your son is a math genius.”

Mom smiled, then got right into it.

“You don’t want a career in adult video?”

I was seated directly across from Kaho, who immediately glanced uncomfortably at me. She didn’t know that mom knew about her career. Not to mention the fact that Kaho has had sex with my sister, which I believe my mom has already figured out.

“No, I’m not getting as many parts as I used to. I have to hang on until I can get into veterinary school, then I’m out for good.”

“But you’re such a pretty girl, I can’t imagine getting parts would be a problem for you. Medicine isn’t for everybody.”

What was my mom doing? Trying to convince her to stay in porn?

“But you’re a doctor,” said Kaho. “Don’t you like your job?”

“It pays well, but I sometimes wonder if I made the right choice.”

This was news to me. For some reason, I thought she loved her job. But then again, she’s never told me she likes being a doctor. Not even once.

“Mom, you don’t like being a doctor? Then why do you want me to be one?”

My mom placed her hand on mine. It was something she did a lot, especially at the dinner table.

“Carter, people that go to school studying social science or the arts end up with a lot of student debt and no job to pay for it. If you want to major in psychology or something like that, then be prepared for a very hard life with a job you hate. That won’t include psychology.”

Kaho nodded. “Your mom’s right, Carter. Only a privileged white kid would think like that. It’s very hard out there, and your mom has made it easy for you.”

Kaho was right, of course. After all, she had to do porn to get through school.

Mom was inspired by Kaho’s comments, and placed her other hand on Kaho’s. Which was quite strange. My mom is not touchy with strangers.

Kaho’s smile was receptive and warm. She succumbed to the tender gesture and flipped her hand over to clasp my mom’s.

“You’re mom is a great woman,” said Kaho.

As if their handholding wasn’t strange enough, mom pulled Kaho’s hand toward her and studied it like an orthopedic surgeon.

“You have such delicate hands, Kaho. They are quite soft and beautiful.”

Soft and beautiful? One of Kaho’s scenes was with another woman strapped into a swing harness and suspended from the ceiling. Kaho stood underneath and fisted her pussy.

“I wish I could grow my nails long,” said Kaho. “But long nails are very dangerous to my costars. And you don’t really know what you will be doing on set until you get there. So I keep them short.”

With my heartbeat approaching infinity, the deal had been already struck between them, and I didn’t even know how they did it.

I guess admiring beautiful hands on the lesbian circuit is tantamount to an agreement for sex. At least for a pornstar with lesbian fisting on her resume.

“Is Carter joining us?” asked Kaho.

Mom fixed her eyes on mine and gave me a wicked Mona Lisa smile.

* * *

A half hour later, I finished my shower, and was seated at the foot of my mom’s king-sized bed. I wasn’t supposed to be on this bed, but since we had a guest, mom’s room was the most logical choice.

Mom and Kaho were still showering, but in different bathrooms, and I had some time to think. Watching my mother have lesbian sex was never one of my fantasies. It never entered my mind, not even once. I don’t know why, since I love lesbian sex.

Kaho finally entered the bedroom, without a stitch on, and held out her hand so I could help her up on the bed.

“Why didn’t you tell me you have sex with your mom?”

“It’s not something escort marmaris I go around telling people.”

“Come on, I’m a Samar Island girl. If you don’t have sex with your father, he’s either gay or dead.”

“Where’s that?”

“Philippines. My dad works on a farm out in the middle of nowhere.”

“And you had sex with him?”

“Hey, families fuck when you live out in the middle of nowhere.”


“Come on, don’t look so freaked out. When you don’t have anyone to roll, you roll your own. It’s easier that way. Just don’t get pregnant.”

“That’s what my mom says.”

“She’s right. Everyone fantasizes about it, but no one wants to admit it. My incest movies are always my most popular.”

My mother finally stepped out of her bathroom in a white cotton robe and a towel wrapped around her head.

“Sorry,” she said. “I had to wash my hair. It’s not completely dry.”

She moved to the side of the bed, pulled open her robe, and let it fall off her shoulders onto the floor. Then she unwrapped the towel on her head, dropped it next to the robe, then ran her fingers through her hair. She smiled, sat on the bed with her back to us, and kept her legs modestly together.

“Carter, come, sit next to me.”

As I sat on the edge, she got on the bed, on her knees, until her nipples were pointed at my lips. Kaho took my other side, and I was stuck in between two pairs of breasts of distinctly different dimensions.

“Baby,” said mom, “can you suckle mommy?”

Mom guided her elongated nipple into my mouth, and my nursing instinct kicked in. I clamped down onto it like a newborn baby, but it was obvious that the well was dry. But that didn’t stop my mother from enjoying it.

“The problem I’ve always had with nursing is that I feel it between my legs,” said mom.

“Why is that a problem?” asked Kaho. “Don’t you get really good orgasms nursing?”

Kaho had transformed from nerdy Asian student into her pornstar alter-ego, and aggressively sought her first kiss from my mother. Still suckling, I witnessed Kaho’s eagerly extended tongue as she offered it to my mom, who accepted it. It’s very odd to watch your mother kiss another woman and do it so passionately.

The kiss lasted just a few seconds, as Kaho had something to get off her chest.

“Fuck, I love incest.”

While originally squeamish at witnessing my mother kiss another woman, I wasn’t now. Their second kiss was unbridled lesbian passion. Tongue on tongue with wide open lips, pressed tightly together.

There is almost a thirty-year age difference between them, and the mother-daughter vibe was a thing I’d try not to think about for fear of premature ejaculation.

Apparently Kaho was feeling the same vibe, as her bullet-sized nipples were poking at my eye. In lieu of going to the emergency room, I wisely uncoupled from mom’s nipple, moved my head back, and watched them press together as they kissed. Nipple against nipple, mom removed her tongue from Kaho’s mouth and had something to ask.

“You’re a family girl, aren’t you?”

“Very much. Will you adopt me?”

Mom’s wry smile was just shy of a giggle. “Yes.”

They dove into another deep lesbian kiss, nipples jammed together, and I somehow managed to squeeze my tongue in between them.

Noticing the leak of seminal fluid that was oozing down my crown, Kaho released her kiss and exposed us to some more of her very dirty mind. She is a totally different person when excited.

“Motherfucker, you get any milk from mom’s tit?”

“Not yet.”

“Then maybe I should piss down your fucking throat.”

I had to ponder her offer, since I had no idea what piss tastes like. But how bad could it be? Doesn’t piss taste good if the girl is pretty?

Mom didn’t allow me to respond, as she pressed her lips into mine, giving me a teasing closed-mouth kiss, rejecting my tongue. What was she doing? This was supposed to be loving mother-son sex. That means lots of tongue. So I pressed my lips tightly against hers, forcing my tongue in her mouth.

And I touched it. The tip of her tongue was waiting for me all along. But she quickly broke the kiss to seed my fantasies.

“Carter, you cannot rape your mother in front of a witness.” Mother-son rape appears to be one of her fantasies. This is our third time having sex, and she’s brought it up each time. Since she made me join the Boy Scouts, it will take me about two minutes to tie her up.

After several abbreviated giggles, we resumed our incestuous kissing, this time with our tongues putting on a show for Kaho, who was masturbating up a storm and waiting her turn. Mom let go to chastise me again.

“You’re being rude, Carter. We have a guest.”

Lips all wet from mom’s kisses, I turned my head, and Kaho was in my face. Her kiss was tingly and sloppy, even though her tongue is considerably downsized from mom’s.

“I want you to get your mom pregnant.”

Kaho has quite an incest-pregnancy fetish, and in her stepfather-stepdaughter porn, she always talks about getting pregnant. We continued our intensive reconnaissance of each other’s mouths for several minutes.

Kaho is the first woman I’ve ever kissed, if you don’t count my mom and sister. I felt very close to Kaho long before I ever met her. To a nerd like me, pornstars are our surrogate girlfriends. They are all we have.


The Nude Therapist Pt. 03


Daphne did as she was told, and began removing her clothes; much to her boss’s delight. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse with a bit of initial trepidation – but continued anyway – as she was an obedient little whore and wanted to please the signer of her paycheck; casting it to one side and removing her bra as well, which freed her smallish but very perky C cup tits. She then slid her skirt down and stepped out of it, followed by her white lace panties. At this point she felt as though she was nude, but still had one last article of clothing to go to make it complete; her shoes. She slipped her blue suede flats off, and kicked them to the side, suddenly feeling freer than she had ever before felt in her life; desperately wanting to run up and down the corridor outside of the office. Once she was fully undressed and completely nude, however, she looked at Sue timidly for further instructions to willingly obey.

“You look great, Daffy!” Sue complimented her. “That’s just what I want my clients to see when they come through that door; an attractive woman to greet them without any clothes on. It will prep them for they can expect from me. The only rule is that they cannot masturbate in front of you out here. It HAS to be in front of me, unless I call you in to assist with a patient’s fantasy, got it?”

Daphne nodded submissively, and sat meekly behind the desk devoid of her clothes, awaiting further instructions from her superior – and possible mistress – if she played her cards right.

“Yes, Dr. Sue.” she replied obediently. “I will do whatever you wish from me.”

“Who is my next appointment?” Sue inquired, deliberately glossing over her secretary’s loyalty to remind her who was in charge.

“Kristi Barlow; the one who claims she was molested by her father.” Daphne replied, as she reached between her thighs and began playing with her swollen cunt.

She was very aroused at this point, and wanted very desperately to have an orgasm.

“Ah yes, he still gives her a bath every night.” Sue responded with a nod. “I remember her case quite well. Thirty seven years old and still letting her daddy sponge her down in the tub. I called him up last week, and asked if he would attend this session, so that we could get to the bottom of it. I’ll be in my office. Let me know when they arrive, and I want to see Kristi first. Hold her father back at least fifteen minutes, okay?”

“Yes, Dr. Sue.” Daphne responded submissively once again. “Whatever you think is best.”

She retreated behind the receptionist counter and waited patiently for Kristi and her father to arrive; still playing with herself. Before long, she was rewarded with a wonderful orgasm, that made her face flush as she squirted naughtily underneath her desk. Shortly thereafter, the father/daughter duo entered the foyer.

“Dr. Sue would like to see you first.” she said to Kristi, as she pushed the button to alert Sue that a patient was imminent. “Then, she’d like to speak with the two of you together, in a little bit. Please have a seat in the meantime, Sir.”

The man nodded and sat down, keenly aware that Daphne was sitting there in front of him completely nude, and enjoying the sight of her unclothed body. He couldn’t see much from his angle; just her firm and perky tits, but he was certainly appreciative of the limited view that he did have. He was becoming aroused, and being used to having his way with his daughter, he unzipped his jeans in preparation to masturbate in front of the seemingly demure receptionist.

“No Sir!” Daphne responded authoritatively. “You may not do that out here! Dr. Sue will gladly allow you to pleasure yourself in front of her, but you will not do that in this office, in front of me, do you understand?”

He blinked in surprise, but nodded and squeezed his thighs together to try and stifle his erection. In the meantime, Sue was busy discussing things with Kristi, who was reclined comfortably on the couch.

“Would you like to take your clothes off, Kristi?” Sue inquired of her patient. “Get as comfortable as you’d like, Sweetie. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed about being nude in front of me, or pleasuring yourself if you feel so inclined to do so, okay?”

Kristi nodded and stood up, slipping her sneakers off, before removing the rest of her clothes, leaving her fully nude in front of her doctor, who was very appreciative of her client’s nude body. Once she was undressed and entirely nude, Sue smiled and gestured for her to lay back down.

“Good girl!” Sue exclaimed, praising her client and making her feel very special for stripping her clothes off in front of her. “Don’t you feel so much freer now?”

Kristi nodded and smiled.

“Yes, Dr. Sue.” she replied somewhat innocently. “I feel like I could run around and even go dancing like this. It feels nice and… carefree, I guess you could say. I like the way it feels. I feel a bit naughty I guess, but I also feel very comfortable as well.”

“Do you think you might like to walk around without any clothes mamak escort on, in front of other people?” Sue inquired, fishing for an excuse to turn this bitch into a public nudist. “Perhaps you would you like to walk down the middle of the street completely nude?”

Kristi’s eyes widened at the thought, and she nodded.

“Oh yes!” she whispered excitedly. “Daddy always said I shouldn’t wear my clothes anyway! In fact, he used to punish me when I got into trouble, by forbidding me to wear any clothes at all. I’d have to do all of my chores nude, too. I did kind of like it though, when I had to work in the garden without any clothes on. I liked being nude outside. It kind of turned me on, you know?”

“Did he watch you?” Sue inquired, making some notes on the subject. “I mean, when you were nude. Did he watch you more than he normally would?”

“Oh yes!” Kristi replied again, nodding vigorously. “I used to see him in the window watching me when I was working in the garden. I could tell he was jerking off while he was watching me.”

“You’re father masturbated to the sight of your unclothed body?” Sue inquired, clarifying the situation, but also becoming aroused at the same time. “Did he ever do that in front of you when he was giving you a bath?”

Kristi shook her head.

“No.” she replied. “He’d just tell me that I was stupid and ugly. He’d tell me that no one else would ever want me, and he was the only one that loved me even though I was stupid and ugly and in my twenties. Then, he’d give me my bath and make me feel… good, you know?”

Sue was intrigued by this; both due to the shocking treatment of the man to his own daughter, but also because she was getting more and more turned on by the story. She spread her legs and began rubbing herself as she asked more questions of the incestuous whore laying nude in front of her, who was also fingering herself in sexual arousal.

“How did he make you feel good?” she inquired. “Did he touch you inappropriately?”

Kristi nodded.

“He still does.” she replied, much to Sue’s delight. “He likes to feel me up; you know… play with my tits and squeeze them while he’s washing me. He says he’s just making sure I’m clean, but I know better.”

“I see.” Sue responded, sighing a bit, as she envisioned all of this happening. “He squeezes your boobies and you like it?”

“Yes. It feels nice to have someone playing with my titties.” Kristi replied. “Is it wrong that’s it’s my own daddy doing it?”

“Not at all!” Sue asserted. “Incest can be a beautiful thing, Kristi. Actually, I’d love to play with them myself, so I don’t blame your daddy for wanting to touch you that way.”

Kristi’s eyes widened.

“Really?” she inquired. “Are you a lesbian?”

“No,” Sue replied, “but I do appreciate the female body. Would you like for me to show you how much?”

“Okay.” Kristi agreed. “Would you make me feel good too, Dr. Sue? Daddy really knows how to touch and massage me though. It feels like heaven between my legs. Then, all of a sudden, I get a really nice tickly feeling in my cooter. It just feels sooo nice, and I squirt pee into the tub.”

“I want to make you feel all tickly in your cooter too.” Sue said quietly. “And I want your daddy to watch us while I do it to you. Would that be okay, Kristi?”

She thought about it for a few moments, and then nodded in agreement.

“Oh yes!” she exclaimed. “Maybe he’ll squirt that white stuff out of his penis too. He does that sometimes when he’s watching me watch TV or something. He keeps tugging on it, and then all of a sudden he gets really wobbly and he squirts pee or something out of his dick. It’s really thick though. And white.”

Sue envisioned the pervert waiting in the reception area jerking off to the sight of his own daughter’s nude body, and having an orgasm on top of it. It was really turning her on, and she needed to proceed. She pressed the button on her mic and spoke to Daphne.

“Send Ronnie in now.” she instructed. “We’re ready for him.”

A few seconds later, the door opened, and Kristi’s father entered the room. He stared in shock at the sight of both his daughter and the doctor devoid of their clothes, and even touching themselves inappropriately in front of him.

“Hello, Mr. Barlow.” Sue greeted him as professionally as she could, as she stood and rubbed her clit openly in front of him. “Your daughter and I were just discussing the way you look at her, touch her and even masturbate in front of her. I’d like to touch her that way in front of you, and even cause her to have an orgasm. Would you like to watch me do that to your precious little stupid and ugly bitch?”

Ronnie seemed taken aback, but finally managed to nod.

“Why don’t you take your clothes off?” Sue suggested. “I know you’re just dying to jerk off to the sight of your own daughter’s nude body up close. It’s time you did it front of her. She wants to watch you do it, don’t you, Kristi?”

The molested mamak escort bayan whore nodded in response, and Sue nodded encouragingly at her father.

“Go ahead. Take your clothes off and look at your daughter, Ronnie. She’s totally fucking nude. You’ve never fucked her though, have you?”

He shook his head.

“But you want to, don’t you, you fucking pervert?!” Sue exclaimed, as Ronnie stripped his clothes off and faced his grown daughter; staring at her nude body. “I think you should, but for now, I want you to watch me make your little girl feel just as good, if not better, than you ever have.”

With that, Sue moved in and gently squeezed Kristi’s firm tits an her hands, kneading them vigorously. Kristi sighed happily, as her father began tugging his cock at the sight. Sue then leaned in and began sucking on Kristi’s firm tits one at a time, until her pudgy nipples were fully engorged.

“That feels so good, Dr. Sue.” she sighed.

“Would you like to do this to your daughter?” Sue inquired of Ronnie, as he watched intently. “Would you like to suck on her little boobies like this?”

“Yes.” he admitted. “I want to, but I just can’t bring myself to have sexual relations with her. It’s not right.”

“But you would if you could?” Sue prodded. “C’mon, you fondle her and jerk off in front of her. We all know what you want.”

“Yes.” he responded. “I loved her mother so much. She looks just like her. I wish…”

His voice trailed off, and Sue nodded knowingly.

“You wish you could join her in the bath and then have sex with her, right? You want to fuck your daughter so bad, don’t you, you sick bastard?”

Ronnie nodded.

“Yes, I know it’s not right, but I’m just so attracted to her.” he confessed. “She turns me on so much. When I’m bathing her, I just want to take my own clothes off and get in the tub with her.”

“Then why don’t you?” Sue inquired. “She’s been grown for years. Why don’t you take a bath with her and have sex with your daughter? You know you want to, Ronnie. Why don’t you sneak into her bedroom at night and fuck her? Don’t you want to fuck your own daughter, Ronnie? She says you used to fuck her older sister. What’s the matter, doesn’t Kristi turn you on like little Debbie does? Or maybe you just like redheads?”

He shook his head.

“Debbie wasn’t mine.” he explained. “Her mother got pregnant by someone else while I was stationed overseas.”

“So you got back at her mother, by having sex with her?” Sue inquired.

“I guess.” Ronnie replied with a shrug. “She wasn’t mine, so it was legal. Besides, she was beautiful. I couldn’t help myself.”

“Do you think Kristi really is stupid and ugly?” Sue asked. “Or do you just tell her that so she won’t look for a man?”

“I wish she’d stay with me.” he lamented. “I love her so much.”

“Don’t tell me!” Sue exclaimed. “Tell her! She’s the one that feels ashamed of her looks because of what you’ve told her all these years.”

Ronnie looked at Kristi, and then dropped his gaze.

“I’m sorry, Princess.” he mumbled. “You aren’t stupid or ugly. I just said that so you wouldn’t think anyone else found you attractive. I think you’re really pretty.”

“You do?” she inquired incredulously. “You really think I’m pretty, Daddy?”

“Yes.” he replied. “That’s why I like to jerk off when I’m watching you. Deep down inside, I wish I could fuck you for real. I’d like to get into the tub with you and take a bath together sometime.”

“Now we’re getting somewhere.” Sue interjected. “That will be your homework for tonight. I want the two of you to take a bath together and do what you always wanted to do while you were bathing her. Touch her, make her cum if you want, and make her suck your penis and swallow it. She’d love to swallow your cum, wouldn’t you, Kristi?”

The woman nodded vigorously.

“Oh yes, Dr. Sue! I’d love to suck his penis and swallow it.”

“Why don’t you do it right now, then?” Sue suggested. “I’d love to watch you sucking your own daddy’s dick and swallowing his creamy cum. I want to see the look on your face too, Ronnie, when you ejaculate inside of your own daughter’s mouth.”

Kristi stood up and approached her father, kneeling submissively in front of him. Ronnie drew his breath in sharply, as his own daughter took his cock into her mouth and began performing fellatio on him.

“Oh Sweetheart,” he whispered, as he tilted his head back, “I’ve wanted this from you for so long. And so much more, too.”

Kristi continued sucking her father’s penis like a good, obedient little whore, doing everything she had seen on the movies she loved to watch and masturbate to. She gently massaged his balls and ran her tongue around the underside of his cock, as her lips slid up and down the shaft of his dick, sucking it exquisitely.

Ronnie gasped and grasped his daughter’s head firmly in his hands as he shot a thick load of cum into her mouth. Kristi took it all and swallowed escort mamak every last bit, just like the good little whore that she truly was, deep inside. She released her father’s cock from her mouth and licked her lips hungrily, wanting more.

“That tasted good, Daddy.” she said with a smile.

“That felt wonderful!” he replied.

“Now it’s time to switch.” Sue informed them, as she settled onto her Sybian to have a wild orgasm of her own as she watched her patients engaging in the forbidden art of incest. “Ronnie, lick your daughter’s cunt until she cums all over your face. Show her just how much you really love her. Make her feel as good as she just made you feel.”

Kristi moved to the couch and spread her legs, so that her father could lick her hairy cunt to climax. Before long, she was writhing in ecstasy, and her feet kicked about wildly as she squirted all over Ronnie’s face and chest, screaming wildly as she did so.

“Oh god, Daddy!” she shrieked. “It feels so fucking good!”

She panted heavily as she came several times, showering him with even more cum and urine. By the time she was finished, there was a very nasty mess all over the floor. Sue too, was having an incredible orgasm as she rode the Sybian and watched the little whore climax in front of her. Her whole insides felt like a huge tickling mass of excitement, as she exploded all over her electric boyfriend.

It took close to a minute for both women to stop panting and catch their breath. Sue looked at her watch, and reluctantly pulled herself from the sex machine. She went over to a closet and took two towels from the shelf, which she presented to Ronnie and Kristi.

“The restrooms at the end of the hall have showers in them.” Sue explained. “People are used to seeing me walking around nude all the time, so they won’t pay you too much attention. Go get yourselves cleaned up and return here in ten minutes. You can both get dressed then, and I’ll leave you with your homework for the week.”

The pair nodded, and Kristi reached out to grab her father’s penis.

“Come on, Daddy.” she prompted, gently pulling him along as if his dick was a stretchy handle.

They returned a few minutes later, and returned the towels before getting dressed. Both seemed slightly reluctant to put their clothes back on, and Sue nodded in acknowledgment.

“So here’s your homework.” she began. “Once you get home, I want you both to take your clothes off and get used to seeing each other nude. You will become aroused, but don’t act on it yet. Just gawk at each others unclothed bodies for a few hours. Make dinner and do what you would normally do; just do it all totally nude.

“When it’s time for Kristi’s bath, I want you to bathe her as usual.” Sue continued. “But this time, I want you to videotape it so I can see your progress. Run your hands all over her body; feeling her firm tits in your hands, and then stick your fingers inside of her cunt. Since you’ll be undressed this time as well, sit on the edge of the tub and let Kristi play with your dick while you bathe her. Then, I want you to get in the tub with her and have her recline against you. Play with her tits and finger her until she cums. Then, it will be time for you to do what you’ve both been waiting for, for so long.

“Dry off and take the camera with you. Set it up so it captures EVERYTHING, and then fuck your little princess like you’ve wanted to so badly. Show her just how much you love and care for her. When you’re finished, I want you to save the video and watch it together tomorrow morning, and then act on your desires. I also want a copy, so that I can monitor your progress. Next week, I want to stop by your house and watch you bathe her in person, to see how things are going. Also, I will be recording these sessions from here on out.

“I want to use you as a study course, to show other fathers and daughters how a proper relationship should exist. I will waive all fees and charges, if you agree to let me use your case as a series of instructional films to use for educational purposes. Are you okay with that?”

Kristi and her father looked at one another for a few seconds and nodded.

“Yes.” Kristi asserted. “I want everyone to know just how much my daddy loves me, and how much I love him too.”

“And you?” Sue inquired of Ronnie.

“Yes, if others can learn from our mistakes and how to act like father and daughter really should, despite what has been wrongly vilified or considered to be taboo, then yes, I would like for our story to be shared.” he replied.

“Good!” Sue exclaimed. “Kristi, I’ll be in touch. I’d like to see you separately, for additional counseling, if I may. I want you to explore your repressed feelings of lesbianism with Daphne, okay?”

The little whore nodded in reply.

“Yes, Dr. Sue.” she agreed. “I know I’m bisexual, but I’ve never really been able to act on those feelings before. I’d love to taste another woman’s cunt and have her lick mine until I cum. Would that be part of the educational movies as well?”

“Of course!” Sue replied with a smile. “If that is what you wish. This is all for educational purposes only. Te best part of this is that people will be able to learn from your pleasure, and experience pleasure themselves as they watch it. Remember; it’s not porn, Kristi; it’s art.”




I didn’t know what happened. I woke up to the room moving and my head was killing me. I looked around and quickly determined I was on a boat. I tried to sit up but my head got worse and I groaned in pain then laid back down. A woman came to see with a look of concern on her face.

“You need to rest my love, you took a pretty nasty bump on the head,” she said.

The woman was just wearing a bikini, she was very pretty, shoulder length dark hair, blue eyes and a pretty amazing body. I, like most men, noticed her breasts first, I gazed at the woman’s for a moment, (they were really nice), then closed my eyes. I tried to think of her name and panicked, I had no idea who she was.

“Wh… what happened, where are we?” I asked, keeping my eyes closed.

“Try to relax, we’re on our yacht, drifting. We got caught in a bad storm and the lightning hit out sails, fried our radio and pretty much everything else on board. I tried to get the engine going but you’re our mechanic. You took a pretty nasty bump on the head when you were trying to fix the sails, I think you have a concussion but you’ll be okay if you just rest,” she said.

“I… I can’t remember your name,” I said.

“It’s Clara my love, now rest.”

Clara was very attentive. She checked on me a lot, didn’t let me sleep too long and gave me lots of water and soup. It wasn’t really that warm but she was always in a bikini, I wasn’t complaining as the view was very nice but I was curious. I thought about asking her but figured she might put a shirt on if I did so I kept it to myself. I still couldn’t remember anything before I woke up too. It was maybe a couple of days before I could sit up without feeling too sick.

“So how bad is the boat?” I asked.

“Well, thanks to your prep it’s not as bad as it could have been. The hull is fine, sails are gone, engine and pretty much all of our electronics are fried but we have plenty of supplies and your freshwater converter is about the only thing that still works so we’re good for water too. We’re adrift but we seem to be stuck in a current that’s not really taking us anywhere, I’ve been watching the stars the way you taught me and we haven’t moved more than a mile circle. Our flare gun doesn’t have any ammo but the map is good. Do you remember anything yet?”

“No, everything is just a blur, I barely remember my own name but I figured from the pictures that we’re close.”

“We are, I’m older than you but you’ve always taken such great care of me. I feel so helpless with this boat but I’m glad you’re feeling better.”

“Hey, you kept us afloat right, not sure I could swim right now.”

“Well I tried to see what was wrong with the engine, got oil all over the clothes that didn’t get burned by the lightning so all I have is my bikini. I’ve been washing it every night but I’d sure love my shirt and shorts.”

“I can’t say I mind really.”

“I bet you don’t, perv. Glad you’re feeling well enough to look at least,” she said with a smile.

Another few days later and thanks to Clara’s care I was feeling a lot better. I still had a dull headache and my memory was still hazy but I got up to see the damage.

“Well fuck, I don’t think there’s anything I can do with this,” I said looking at the engine.

“Are you getting your memory back?” replied Clara.

“Not so much but there shouldn’t be a hole here, I’m pretty sure of that and the oil in the bottom there, pretty sure that should be on the inside. Good job putting the sand in there, stop it spreading.”

“I think that hole is what sprayed my clothes.”

“Well I’m glad it didn’t throw metal at you or something.”

She said something to me but the cool wind made her nipples hard and I couldn’t take my eyes off them.

“Hey, eyes are up here, I said are you hungry?” she said, lifting my chin with her finger.

“Sorry, sure, I could eat.”

She had a smile on her face when she walked away, that didn’t help my growing erection, her ass was just as beautiful as her breasts. I didn’t think about only being in swim shorts and a t-shirt but my cock was making a tent of them when I walked into our small galley.

“Hey, careful with that thing,” said Clara, a grin on her face as she stepped away from me.

“Sorry, can’t help it, the only person I know happens to be a beautiful sexy woman. If we weren’t drifting without an engine or sails I’d say I’m very happy being alone with you.”

I couldn’t help myself, as I spoke her demeanor softened and the boat moving had her lean closer to me, I kissed her softly on the lips. It took her by surprise but she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me back.

“That uh, that was nice,” she said softly.

“You really are beautiful Clara, I’m lucky to have you.”

“You’re stuck with me, I’d hardly say you have me,” she replied, grinning again.

When I ran my hands down her back and started fondling her ass she pulled away from me.

“We uh, we should let you get better,” she said.

Clara busied herself making us some soup but I couldn’t take my eyes off her. My cock was throbbing and çankaya escort my erection wasn’t going away.

“Should I throw a bucket of cold water over you or something?” said Clara, grinning as she looked at my tented shorts.

“Sorry, I can’t help it, you’re just so sexy,”

“Drop your shorts, lose the shirt and lay back on the bed,” she said after a long pause.

Her face was straight so I figured she wasn’t joking, I pulled my shirt off, stepped out of my shorts and laid back, my cock pointing up at me. She said a quiet, ‘oh’ when she looked at it but she sat on the bed next to me and began to stroke my cock. Watching her breasts shake as she jerked me off had me more turned on. She slowed down for a second then leaned over and took my cock into her mouth. I gasped in pleasure, her tongue and lips felt amazing and I could only close my eyes and enjoy her. I wondered what she was doing when she stopped though, I opened my eyes again to see her taking her bikini off then she climbed back onto the bed and straddled me, taking my cock inside her. Her nipples were only hiding behind a thin piece of fabric but seeing them was amazing, I reached up to fondle them as she coated my cock in her juices as she took me deeper inside herself. Her pussy felt like heaven, so warm and tight, I knew I wouldn’t last long. That didn’t seem to matter, Clara climaxed really quickly, her chest and face going red as she whimpered in pleasure. I didn’t last much longer, I pushed up into her as I exploded, filling her with my cum.

She collapsed on top of me as we caught our breaths then she rolled over and had me spoon her. I fell asleep for a bit, when I woke I was laying on my side and Clara was on her back next to me. I couldn’t help but gaze at her amazing body, I reached over and gently fondled her breasts and I was soon getting hard again.

“You have quite the appetite,” said Clara, making me jump a little.

“Well you’re so sexy, how can I help it,” I replied.

“Fine but you’re on top this time, you’ve made me wet again.”

She opened her legs and I climbed on top of her, she guided my cock inside her but sharply inhaled when I was a little too eager. She had me slow down until she got used to me then I slowly built up a steady pace. She felt just as amazing as the first time, her pussy gripped every inch of my cock and I had to concentrate not to cum right away. Feeling her cum, watching her face change as she climaxed set me off though, I pushed deep into her and exploded for a second time into her pussy. Once I was spent I climbed off her and we gazed into each other’s eyes as we caught our breaths.

“Th… that was amazing,” I said, touching her face.

“Yes it was,” she replied.

We cleaned up then snuggled together again, I must have dozed off but when I woke, Clara was not beside me or in the smaller bunk she’d been sleeping in when I was injured. It was dark outside but I got on deck and she was sitting with her knees up to her chest and her arms wrapped around them. She had tears running down her face.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” I said, putting my arm around her as I sat next to her.

“I….. I’m so sorry Marcus,” she said, sobbing.

“For what?”

“I have to tell you something but please know, I love you so much and would never do anything to hurt you.”

“Clara, you’re amazing, you’ve been so caring and wonderful to me.”

“That picture of us in the cabin, you look at it and smile, why is that?”

“It’s a nice picture, it looks like we are very happy. I wish I could remember it.”

“Fuck, I…. I’m your sister Marcus, I’m four years older than you. You don’t remember and I took advantage of you.”


“Is that all you’re going to say?”

“Um, is kind of a lot to process.”

“Please don’t hate me, I didn’t mean for this to happen.”

“How could I hate you?”

“Because I took advantage of you not knowing who I am and had sex with you.”

“I’m not married or anything right?”

“No but I am, I’m not sure how my wife will take it.”

“W… Wife?”

“Yes, I am bi but I found a wonderful woman who made me happier than any man ever could so we got married. We’ve been together for 6 years.”

“Honestly Clara, I don’t care. I know I keep saying this but you’re so beautiful, you are sexy as hell, your eyes are so beautiful when you’re smiling and you have the body of a goddess. I mean I know I’m going to be disappointed when I get my memory back and other women out there aren’t as hot.”

“You seriously don’t care that I’m your sister?”

“Nope. More concerned with how we’re going to get home. How long were we drifting before I got hurt?”

“It was the same day that we got hit by lightning, we’ve been offline for maybe a week?”

“Will anyone be searching for us?”

“My wife is meant to be meeting us in port soon, this was to be our last trip on the yacht before we sold it.”

“Well I hope it’s insured!” I said with a laugh.

“You’re honestly okay with what we did?”

“Yes. Kinda hoping we escort çankaya can do it again and again.”

Clara just looked at me and blinked a few times.

“I’m going to wash my face and you’ll be waiting for me in bed. Sex for me is usually with a lot more oral so you’ve some catching up to do. Memory back or not I will be telling Amber when we get back, accept that or you don’t get me again.”

“I fully accept.”

Clara kissed me then stood up, she led me by the hand below deck again then went into the bathroom to wash her face. I got on the bed to wait for her and smiled when she came out of the bathroom naked. She had me lay on my back then straddled my head then lowered her pussy to my mouth, she was waxed and very smooth, I licked her as best as I knew how, listening for her moans and sounds of pleasure. I’m not sure how long I was licking her for but as I licked and rasped her clit, she came pretty hard, flooding my mouth with her cream. She got onto her back and pulled me on top of her, I pushed my already hard cock into her and made love to her, savoring every thrust, enjoying every little moan she made. I lasted as long as I could but she felt amazing and before I wanted to I moaned in pleasure as I flooded her pussy with cum. We held each other as we came down.

“Fuck, I didn’t think to ask about protection or if you’re on the pill or anything,” I said. Clara laughed.

“You think I’d let you cum in me if I thought you’d knock me up?” she replied.

“Well I don’t know, this all just kinda happened.”

“See this scar? Was meant to be a simple operation, I had a cyst on my ovary but the doctors fucked up and instead gave me a hystorectomy. I was only 19, Mom and Dad went fucking nuts, sued them and won. I have a big trust fund, I even give you a percentage of it.”

“Trust fund, why?”

“Well, Dad got himself a fancy sports car and wrapped it around a tree a year after that. Him and Mom died instantly. You still get mad about it sometimes.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t remember any of that.”

We spent the next few days pretty much the same way, we’d eat, make love, clean up, make love. I hated to admit it but I was falling for her. She was so kind and soft and all I wanted to do was make her happy. One night I had pretty vivid dreams and I started to remember things, including the night of my accident.

* * *

“CLARA, HOLD IT THERE YOU FUCKING IDIOT!!! The wind is going to rip the mast off if we don’t get the sails secured,” I yelled.

Clara was standing with me in the rain, the wind was howling and I could hear thunder. I was trying to get the sails stowed.

“Really wish you’d stop calling me that,” she yelled back.

“Did you pull the anchor?”

As if on queue the boat lurched and we heard the chain break.

“WHAT THE FUCK DID I SAY???” I yelled.

“YOU said YOU would get it,” she yelled back.

I could see the anger in her face, I can’t say I blame her, she was holding the boom on her side of the yacht then just let it go, yelling ‘fuck this and fuck you’ over the thunder. It probably saved her, it swung and hit me on the head, before I blacked out a bolt of lightning hit the mast, exploding it and the wind did the rest, throwing our sails out to sea into the darkness.

My memories of how I treated her ashamed me. Her wife hated me and for good reason. I teased her all the time about being married to a woman, I called her a waste of a beautiful woman and many more unpleasant things. I blamed her for our parents’ deaths. I blamed her for everything that went wrong in my life and she was only ever nice to me.

I woke up and my head was pounding again, Clara was already awake, she was topless and was coming to wake me with a coffee in her hand. I saw her beautiful face, the memory of the past few days making love to her and I could only cry. She put the mug down and held me.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” she said, wiping the tears from my face.

“I am so sorry Clara. These past few days you’ve given yourself to me, treated me like a king and it’s been just wonderful. I remember everything, I treated you like shit and you never gave up on me no matter how bad I got. You could have just thrown me overboard and nobody would have blamed you the way I was but you didn’t.”

“Because I love you little brother. I know you were in pain after Mom and Dad, you need help and I now know there’s a good, kind man still inside you. I’ll do everything I can to bring you back to me.”

“If I never get to be inside you again I’ll cherish what I’ve had these past few days, I’ll do anything to deserve what we had.”

“Well, let’s fix this thing, get to shore and we can be each other’s dirty little secret. Until then, we’re lovers, your cock is amazing and I’m not giving it up until I have to.”

“You really are a goddess you know. Now I remember all the women I’ve met, I stand by what I said, I’ve never met anyone as beautiful as you.”

“Well, flattery gets you inside me again, drink your coffee then you can eat me for breakfast.”

“I çankaya escort bayan don’t deserve you.”

“Are you saying no?”

“Not at all, you’re just amazing.”

I heard a thumping noise as I drank my coffee, I got up and looked for the source.

“So uh, you said we’ve been just drifting in a circle?” I said to Clara with a grin as I got back to the cabin.

“Yes, I tried to see if the rudder was damaged but I couldn’t see from the deck.”

“I think it’s okay, the pin that connects the rudder was broken, I can fix it but the rod was just thumping around. I’m going to take a gamble but I think I can get us pointing at land. I am going to wait for dark though, I’d rather have the stars to map with if you don’t mind.”

“Well I can think of something to keep us occupied.”

“I hope it’s what I’m thinking of too, you walking around topless has me pretty distracted.”

“Well good, I’ll be playing with myself while you work.”

I was thankful the repair was fairly simple, it didn’t take me long to get the rudder ready to reconnect but I made sure it would work before I left it for the right time. I cleaned my hands and went below deck again, true to her word, Clara was naked and slowly rubbing her pussy on the bed.

“You uh, need some help with that?” I said, grinning.

“If by help you mean take over with your tongue, then sure,” she replied.

Putting the real world out of my head was easy, Clara’s pussy was beautiful like the rest of her, I gave her my very best performance and was rewarded with her spraying my face.

“Oh FFFFFFuuuck, I thought Jenna was the only one that could get me off like that!” she gasped as she climbed off me.

“I really love eating pussy,” I replied.

“Well you can do that again anytime, take me from behind.”

Gazing at her ass as I pushed my cock inside her is something I’ll always remember, I took my time and by the time we both climaxed we were soaked in sweat and breathless. We collapsed on the bed together and looked in each other’s eyes as we caught our breath.

“You know, if this is to continue, you have a lot of damage repair to do with Jenna,” said Clara.

“I know. I don’t think flowers will really cut it the way I’ve been either. Will she listen or believe me?”

“She’ll have to, I’ll talk to her, we still have to get back first.”

“I know, I’ll find my map, it should be in my emergency kit but I’ll need stars.”

“I know you taught me but I forgot how to do that.”

We spent the morning having sex then napped, when I could see stars I got my emergency kit out and studied the chart, I got ready and when I had us pointing to where I wanted I attached the rod and pointed the yacht at land.

“Bitch of this is, we’re not that far from land but the storm put us nowhere near where we’re supposed to be. If they’re looking they’ll be miles from us. Flare would have been nice but that’s my fault, I didn’t check it,”

“It’s fine, we’re alive and that’s all that matters,” replied Clara.

We were below deck making love again when we ran aground, I hoped it wasn’t a sandbank but it was a private beach. We must have looked quite the pair, Clara in just a bikini and me in a tattered t-shirt and shorts, we walked up to the house, a woman in her early 40’s almost dropped her morning coffee and yelled for her husband. A few hours later we were wrapped in a blanket, on our way home.

“They thought you were dead, they found parts of the yacht and other stuff, they thought you’d sank!” said Jenna, she was frantic, hugging Clara.

“We’re okay my love, we’re okay,” replied Clara.

“Him I don’t care about but I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“Well we can talk about that later, let’s get home.”

It was a good couple of weeks before things settled down again, Clara and I had a few long talks on the phone and I did a lot of self reflecting. I got a clean bill of health from the doctor, they said Clara likely saved my life but I got other news and wanted to tell her in person. I hoped she was alone and wanted to fuck again but Jenna answered the door. She greeted me with a scowl and let me in.

“She’s just getting out of the shower, I’ll tell her it’s you,” she said, coldly.

“Hey! Is good to see you,” said Clara, she greeted me with a hug and a soft kiss.

“I have some good news but I didn’t want to tell you over the phone.”

“Oooh, I like good news, come, we need to have that chat with Jenna too.”

Clara led me by the hand to the lounge, Jenna was already back on her laptop, typing away.

“Jen, put that away for a minute please,” said Clara. Jenne reluctantly closed the lid to her machine.

“So, doc gave me a clean bill of health, he said your care likely saved my life and the amnesia shouldn’t return. I just spoke to Dave, our insurance guy for the boat, they’re going to pay out full market value!” I said.

“Oh that’s awesome, that’s more than we were selling it for.”

“I also have a few more sessions booked with the counselor, met with her for the first time today. I really like her and think she can really help. Jenna, I know Clara has spoken to you about us but I wanted you to know that I am truly sorry for how I treated you both. I know it will take some time for you to believe and trust me but Clara showed me who I should be and I’m going to work on staying the person I should be,” I said.


Swimming with Mum Ch. 02


The first thing I notice about Mum when I get back is that she’s looking really well, healthier than I remember. On closer inspection, I can see she’s wearing makeup, which is unusual for a Saturday.

“Oh, it’s nothing, I just wanted to try my new mascara before wearing it to the office,” she explains, brushing me off as we take off coats and gloves in the hall. “I haven’t touched your room, except for cleaning it, so you should be pretty comfortable.”

Now she’s back to just wearing a jumper and jeans, I notice that the jeans seem new. I figured with me away from home, she would have a little more free money, but she’s not the type to go out and buy a new pair of jeans if her old ones are still wearable.

“New clothes?” I ask, trying to sound casual as she puts the kettle on.

“Oh, well, yes,” she admits, sounding pleased that I noticed. “I, um, actually lost a bit of weight recently, so I needed the size down. Got these nearly-new in that charity shop opposite Costa.”

So that’s what I’ve noticed – she’s looking healthier because she’s lost weight. I’m glad I didn’t say it myself, because she’s been known to be touchy about things like that.

“Well, you look great,” I tell her, and she gives me a soppy smile.

“It’s pretty quiet here at the weekend, so as well as swimming I’ve been going to some exercise classes at the leisure centre,” she says, pouring the tea. “It’s been really good, practically free because of the membership and it keeps me from rattling around the house.”

“Good for you,” I say, leaning up against the counter with my eye on the biscuit tin.

“You look good, too,” she says, a hint of pride in her voice. “The football training must be keeping you fit. And your hair looks a lot tidier now.”

I laugh. “Well, I knew you’d notice my hair,” I say, but I’m flattered by the compliment, even if it is just from my mum.

By the end of the evening, I’ve had half of a six-pack of beer which I suspect has been in the house since I left, and she’s finished half a bottle of white wine and has got to a giggly phase.

“So, you’re not coming home to tell me about a girl you’ve met?” she asks, her voice low even though there’s nobody to overhear. “I was sure you would have found someone by now.”

I shake my head. “No, still no girlfriend,” I admit, but then I pause. Probably the beer clouding my judgement, because telling parents about love interests is never a good idea, but I went on anyway. “There’s actually this girl, I-“

Mum interrupts. “Lydia, right? You’ve mentioned her a few times.”

“Yeah, Lydia,” I say, leaning back on the sofa. “She, well, she’s got a boyfriend.”

“Ahh,” Mum says, giggling again. “That old dilemma.”

“She’s great, and she seems really happy with Mark. She wants me to be her flatmate next year.”

“That’s great! You know, if she ever breaks up with Mark, you’ll be in the perfect place.” Mum taps her nose and I shake my head, laughing.

“Whatever. I like her, she’s a really good friend, but this whole situation is hard. I don’t want to, you know, say anything, in case she gets weird about it.”

Mum shrugs. “You need to do what feels right. If she’s happy, maybe you need to move on and just keep her as a friend.”

Dating advice from my mum. I must be at rock bottom here.

“In my opinion, she’s missing out,” Mum tells me, giggling again.

“Well, I’ll tell her you said that,” I say, grinning back. “I’m sure that will change her mind.”

There’s a pause and I sip my drink, tilting the can back to get to the beer at the bottom. I thought it was just a lull in the conversation, but I realise Mum has been working up to saying something.

“I wanted to tell you, Dave, but on the phone it didn’t seem right… I thought I would try getting back into dating, now you’re away.” She avoids my gaze, but I smile.

“That’s great, Mum. I really think you should go for it.”

“I haven’t really done anything, you know, it’s all online these days and when I started losing weight from these exercise classes I thought I’d wait until I could take a really good photo. Eighteen years is a long time to be out of practice, and it all feels a bit strange.”

I laugh. “Well, I don’t think it matters that much what you put as your photo, you’ll look good. But that’s really great, I’m happy for you.”

She blushes but smiles. “I’ll let you know how it goes. But, not too much detail.”

I groan. “Thanks, Mum.”

“Bedtime,” she announces, finishing her glass. “I know you don’t have to get up for anything tomorrow but I still need to clean.”

The Sunday clean gave me some less welcome evidence of my mum’s return to the dating world. I’d finished washing up the dishes for Sunday lunch when I noticed the washing machine had finished sincan escort its cycle.

“Mum, the washing machine is done!” I shouted up the stairs. She’d said she was going to go and clean the bathroom.

“Can you get the wet clothes out for me and hang them on the clothes horse?” she shouts back. “I’ve got wet gloves on at the moment.”

Well, it’s just one day, I told myself as I went to go and sort it out. Tomorrow she’d be back at work and I could lie in all day if I wanted.

Dumping the clothes out of the machine and into a basket, I set up the clothes horse in front of the radiator and started hanging things. I didn’t want to bring too many clothes home with me, since my suitcase was full enough anyway, so I wasn’t the typical uni student with bags of dirty clothing to wash. Most of the load was Mum’s, especially work clothes, which needed hanging carefully to keep it from creasing. I worked my way through it, finding the occasional pair of workout leggings as well as the usual swimsuit from Saturday. However, I also discovered, in the delicates bag with her comfy work bras and sports bras, a pile of thongs. Now, I’m no expert on my mum’s underwear, but she was very much a M&S five-pack kind of mum when I was growing up. This was definitely new, and more information than I wanted. But, I hung them up anyway and tried to forget.

Eventually, when she was putting the clothes away later in the week, she came clean about them.

“Asos online three-pack, really good value,” she said, waving one around in my bedroom as I cringed away. “Perfect for wearing when I’m at the exercise class under my leggings.”

Well, at least it wasn’t an insight into her dating life.

The big event of any Christmas holiday in our house wasn’t Christmas Day, which was usually just me and Mum eating in front of the TV, but Boxing Day. It was the one day in the year that Grandpa and Granny came over to see us, and Mum would do a whole massive meal, multiple courses, I had to be on my best behaviour and somehow there would still be a family row during pudding. Mum had virtually no other contact with her parents, but they had realised they would effectively never see their daughter and grandson again if they didn’t make the effort one day a year. Of course, this meant Mum got into a huge stress about it all morning, dashing around, clattering away in the kitchen and generally making it my fault that things weren’t going right.

“Okay, okay, I’ll change,” I say, rolling my eyes after she screamed at me to tell me that what I thought was a smart shirt was actually unacceptably sloppy. As soon as I’d pulled on a different coloured shirt, there’s a knock at the door. I know I’m going to be expected to open it, but Mum couldn’t shout at me this time because they might hear through the door.

“Hi Granny, hi Grandpa, come in,” I said, smiling and taking their coats as they shuffled inside, a bottle of red wine clutched in Grandpa’s hand.

“Parking was a nightmare as usual,” he grumbled. “You’d think some people would be away over this period, but for some reason they’re all here.”

Mum appeared from the kitchen and exchanged a half-hearted hug with Granny and waved at Grandpa.

“Take a seat, dinner will just be another ten minutes,” she said, sounding apologetic. Despite her harassed air, she’d done her hair into waves and she was wearing a smart dress, so she looked great, but nobody else seemed to notice.

“You look tired, Catherine,” Granny said, patting her shoulder. “Are you sleeping well enough?”

Mum catches my eye and we both hold in a laugh.

“Parking was a nightmare,” Grandpa repeats, loud enough for Mum to hear this time, but she ignores him.

I usher them into the living room, currently set out with the sofa pushed back and the table extended to seat four. Mum’s found all the decent silverware, so all I need to do is entertain for ten minutes.

“Well, how’s university treating you?” Grandpa asked once he was settled into his seat.

“It’s good,” I reply, smiling. “A bit of a different world, lots to study.”

“You’ll manage, I expect,” Granny says, looking around the room. I know she’s looking for things to criticise, but I keep my mouth shut.

“I’m on the football team. Well, the B team, but still,” I say, and luckily this piques Grandpa’s interest. We manage to pass the rest of the time until dinner chatting about football, while Granny sulks in her chair because there’s nothing out of place in the room for her to criticise.

Dinner goes pretty much as expected. Mum is anxious to make sure everything is perfect, so when I accidentally spill some gravy on the placemat, I get a glare that could crack glass. Grandpa eats the entire thing happily in silence, sincan escort bayan but then declares afterwards that he’s ‘had better’, and Granny goes on and on through the meal asking Mum a million awkward questions to try and get her upset.

By the time Mum puts a trifle down in the middle of the table and hands out bowls, I can tell she’s seething underneath the polite smile.

“All I’m saying, Catherine, is that if you accepted our help, the situation could be different. I always thought you should have made more of yourself, I was saying to Andrea, you know, Mrs Young from the school, that I always thought Ian was a bad influence, but you wouldn’t listen, and now look-“

“Okay, I know. I know I made some mistakes. Please, just leave it,” Mum says, holding her head in her hands, trifle untouched.

“Well that’s an understatement,” Grandpa says, sniffing as he scrapes his spoon across the bottom of the bowl to get the last scraps of cream.

“So, I read somewhere that they’re planning to start charging for parking on Church Street?” I say quickly, getting Grandpa back onto one of his pet hates. He starts chuntering on about council incompetence and Mum gives me a grateful look.

With dinner over, the relief is all over Mum’s face as we shepherd the guests to the door.

“Lovely to see you,” Granny says to me, holding my hand in hers and smiling, but when she turns to Mum, she just smiles tightly and turns away. They amble away down the street towards their car, already bickering with each other, and I push the front door shut.

“At last…” Mum sighs, collapsing into a chair. “Every year is such a nightmare.”

“You shouldn’t let them bully you,” I say, still pissed off, but she just smiles.

“It’s only a few hours a year and makes them feel like they’re still in touch. I can handle it. Now, I need to see about the dishes.”

I shake my head vigorously. “No way, you go and relax, I’ll do the dishes. Seriously, you cooked all that, let me help you.”

She gives me a look so happy I instantly know I’ve made the right decision. “Dave, you’re a lifesaver. I’m off for a bath, then.”

I smile. “Enjoy. Everything will be clean and tidy when you get out.”

For some reason which has never been made totally clear, Mum kept all the nice silverware and dishes in a suitcase on top of her wardrobe, wrapped up in an old pair of curtains so they wouldn’t get damaged. Once I’d washed and dried it all, she was still in the bath, so I went into her room to get the suitcase and the curtains so I could wrap it all back up again. The odd thing was, she’d tucked the suitcase out of the way beside the bed, and there was no sign of the curtains, a floral-patterned pair I’d never seen hung up anywhere. I’d expected them to be right there in the case, so I was totally thrown.

Shouting at my mum through the door to the bath seemed a bit helpless, so I hunted around the room, without any success. After a couple of minutes of searching, I remembered that she kept spare sheets and material in one of the drawers under her bed, and maybe she’d tucked the curtain material in there to keep it out of the way when she was moving the suitcase. I got down on my knees and tugged the drawer open, only to realise immediately that this was the wrong drawer.

The first thing I laid eyes on was a medical-looking tube of cream which I quickly realised was actually lube. Averting my eyes, I immediately saw a slim black cylinder which could only be a vibrator, lying next to, yes, a pink rubbery dildo. I didn’t waste any more time examining any other contents there might be, slamming the drawer shut. My face felt hot and I took a couple of deep breaths, mind racing as I moved around to the other side of the bed and opened the right drawer. The curtains were lying neatly folded on top.

When I saw Mum at teatime, which was just cheese on toast after such a huge lunch, I had to try very hard to keep visions of sex toys out of my head when she was telling me how tired she was and how relaxing the bath had been. Once we’d eaten, she cleaned everything away and came back with a cold can of lager.

“A bribe?” she said, holding it just out of my reach. “I was on my feet all morning in the kitchen and they’re absolutely killing me.”

I rolled my eyes. “Okay, but you have to keep your socks on. I don’t want to touch your disgusting old-lady feet.”

She just shrugged and handed me the can. “A yes is a yes, you can be as rude as you want.”

Getting herself comfortable on the sofa next to me, her glass of wine on the coffee table, she parked her feet on my lap and tipped her head back, stretching out as I started rubbing my thumbs over the balls of her feet, her fluffy yellow socks escort sincan wiggling as she shifted around to get me to rub the right spot.

“Wow, that’s it, perfect,” she eventually said, and I settled into a rhythm, trying to focus on the TV rather than her feet. It was one of her programmes so I wasn’t interested, but it was better than nothing. We sat in silence for ten minutes until an ad break came on, when she reached out and turned the volume down.

“I bet you wish you had a girlfriend to rub your feet like this after you’ve played football, right?” she asked, and the slight tone in her voice made me look over at her wine glass, now empty. I also had my suspicions that a bottle might have made it into the bath with her.

“I suppose so,” I say guardedly, pausing the foot massage to sip my own drink. She waited until I had gone back to rubbing her foot before saying anything else.

“Dave, I know this isn’t a conversation you want to have with your mother,” she said, after a pause, and my heart sank. “But, I saw that you’d been in my room and one of the bed drawers wasn’t completely closed.”

“Look, Mum, I’m sorry, I was looking for the curtains and I went in the wrong drawer, it’s no big deal,” I said quickly, feeling my cheeks burning. “We really don’t have to talk about it.”

She pulled herself into more of a sitting position, sliding her feet across my lap and making eye contact. “Listen, I know that as your mum I probably should have been better about having ‘the talk’ with you, but I never knew what to say to a boy,” she admitted. “I always assumed your dad would do it, or someone at school.”

“Dad’s version of ‘the talk’ would definitely not be suitable,” I said, unable to avoid rising to the bait even though I was desperate to avoid this conversation. “He’d probably think it was a chance to show off.”

Mum giggled. “I expect so. But, now you’re away at uni, I just worry a little that you’re having new experiences and I haven’t prepared you very well for all that.”

I scoff. “Trust me, new experiences have been harder to come by than you’d think.” Mentally, I smack myself. Why am I getting drawn into this?

“Well, I am hardly the right person to tell you what’s right after getting pregnant at eighteen,” she says, “but I do want you to feel like you can talk to me if you need to, okay?”

Sensing an exit to this awkwardness, I nod rapidly. “Definitely, I will.”

Unfortunately, she interprets my new enthusiasm as a sign that I want to keep going.

“Now, I’m sure I don’t need to go into the details about exactly what’s under my bed, I assume we both now know, but, David, masturbation isn’t something shameful for men or women.” She catches my eye and I look away rapidly, cheeks burning more than ever. “It’s important to feel like fulfilling your sexual needs, even if that’s on your own, isn’t something to be ashamed of. The, um, sex toys are just a healthy, natural part of that process.”

I’m ready to be sick now and I squeeze my eyes closed to keep mental images at bay. “Mum, seriously, I don’t need-“

“If I want you to be open with me if you need to be, then I need to set an example,” Mum says, her confidence growing exactly when I don’t want it to. “I use masturbation as both a way of relieving stress and for sexual pleasure.”

My nausea is getting stronger, but I realise with sudden dread that my body is completely betraying me. Mentally I’m screaming for this to stop, but physically my dick is hearing about a woman touching herself and her feet have shifted up my lap so they’re resting against my crotch. There’s no way of denying it – totally against my will, I’m getting hard.

“The lube is because as women get older, natural lubrication is sometimes harder to come by,” she explains, oblivious to my problems. “And, of course, it’s essential if anyone’s going to do anything with their bum.”

I push her feet off my lap and clench my fists, determinedly looking straight at the TV. “Mum, I do not want to hear you talking about… bums,” I announce, losing steam towards the end. “Seriously, can we just, drop this.”

“Okay, Dave,” she says, sounding a little annoyed as she pulls her feet back. “I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

“Well you did a good job,” I say, shifting my sitting position to hide my crotch. For a second, she pauses, and my wild mental state wonders whether she noticed, but she turns to face the TV without saying anything.

After a few minutes, I get up. “I’m going upstairs to read,” I tell her, grabbing my drink.

“Okay, good night love,” she says, watching me leave the room and shut the door behind me.

I want to be able to say I blocked the entire episode out of my head and put it down to a traumatic experience, but, being a teenage boy, there was no chance of that. As soon as I was in the privacy of my room, and fairly confident Mum wouldn’t be getting up until the end of the programme, I’d pulled my trousers down, laid myself on my bed and I was wanking. In my defence, I was picturing Lydia naked with a vibrator, but I still felt pretty guilty afterwards.


Merry Christmas, Santa Daddy!


I can’t believe I was talked into this.

My best friend Mark is the manager of the local mall, so when he called me up frantic, because his mall Santa had called in sick, I felt like I had to help him out. Since the kids had grown up and gone to college, I had a lot of free time, and Mark took advantage of that. So here I was, sitting in a rather hot Santa suit while a bunch of little kids sat there and told me what they wanted for Christmas.

A while back I had noticed a group of teenagers standing in line, waiting with all the little kids. Apparently it was something they liked to do, plopping down on Santa’s lap and getting a picture taken, perhaps embarrassing the poor fellow who had the job in the process. I hadn’t been paying a lot of attention, but I had noticed the blonde in the tight green mini-dress who had her back to me. I wasn’t usually one to notice a girl’s ass, but this one was definitely first rate, a perfectly round bit of flesh facing me, just the kind I used to say I’d like to take a bite out of when I was a younger man. I expected to be disappointed, as a tit man, when I saw her from the front, as a girl with an ass like that almost always had little on top to go with it.

I had been so busy dealing with all the little ones, as I set little Billy down and guided him towards his mother, I didn’t notice the teen group was up next. Before I had a chance to get my bearings, I found myself hosting the blonde in the green dress in my lap. I noticed two things almost simultaneously – the most perfect pair of perky tits poking out of the low cut top of her dress, and just above that glorious sight, the beautiful face of my daughter, Sabrina. I was surprised to see her, as I didn’t think she was home from her freshman year of college yet, and as I hadn’t told anyone I would be doing this, it being a last minute thing, so I didn’t figure she had come here because buca escort it was me.

Before I had a chance to say anything to her, she wiggled around on my lap, draped her arms around my neck, and turned to smile at the camera. Now, my head knew this was my dear daughter, but all my body knew was there was a delightfully plump ass grinding on my lap and a lush pair of breasts inches from my face, and it responded as man has responded for all of recorded history to such stimulus. I knew now that I could not reveal myself to her, as it was clear from her face that she had felt the effect she had caused.

“Ooo, Santa, is that a candy cane you have in your pocket for me?” she cooed in my ear, “It feels like some hard candy, but must be the biggest candy cane I’ve ever felt!”

Disguising my voice as best I could, I responded, “You are being very naughty, little girl.”

“I can be VERY nice, Santa,” she responded, as she wiggled her butt against my hardening member, with her tits bouncing lightly in my face.

This was more than I could handle, and decided I should end this now before it got completely out of hand and she realized who I was. I quickly got her up, and told my elf assistant that I needed to take a break, heading for the storage closet that had been set up with a chair and coffee maker for Santa to have a little down time.

I was just about to take off the fake beard when I heard the door open behind me. I turned around to find my daughter coming in, locking the door and swiftly coming right up to me. Standing inches away from me, she placed her hand on my chest, looked up at me and said, “You left before I had a chance to tell you what I wanted for Christmas, Santa.” Unable to speak, I stood there quietly looking into her shining eyes and she leaned in and said, “I want a taste of that candy cane of yours.”

With buca escort bayan that, she gave me a push back into the chair behind me, and dropped to her knees between my legs. Before I had a chance to stop her, she had undone the front of my Santa suit and had fished out my still hard cock. Wrapping her little hand around the base of it, she looked up at me and said, “Yummy,” before slipping the head between her full, wet lips.

I knew I should have stopped things well before this point, but I had been in a state of shock at what was happening, and now it was too late. As bad as this was, I could only imagine how bad it would be if I revealed myself, if my daughter was to find out it was her own daddy’s cock now in her mouth. So I just sat back and watched a sight I never expected to see, my cock disappearing into my lovely daughter’s face.

As I allowed myself to relax and enjoy the experience, it quickly became clear that she took after her mother, and was a natural born cocksucker. Maybe it was just the forbidden nature of what was happening, the incestuous act of daughter kneeling with her daddy’s cock in her mouth, but this was one of the best blowjobs I had ever had. This 18-year-old vixen settled back on her knees, her long shapely legs folded up under her, as she leaned forward and took my cock repeatedly in and out of her mouth. At this point she had placed her hands on my thighs, letting her mouth do all the work, and I could see her perfect tits rise and fall in her low cut dress as she worked her magic. Her blonde hair cascaded around her face down to her shoulders, and her piercing blue eyes never left mine as she took my shaft deeper and deeper into her mouth.

My rather average 6″ cock is nothing special, but she let it slip out of her mouth briefly as she said breathlessly, “I love your cock, Santa, it feels escort buca so perfect in my mouth” before slipping her lips around it again. I could feel her tongue licking along the bottom of the shaft as her lips worked her way down, in and out of her hot, silky mouth, changing her pace constantly. She was definitely experienced, and enjoyed what she was doing, as every time I thought I was about to cum she seemed to sense it, so she would back off and prolong the experience. Steadily she worked her way down, until at last she pressed in and took the last bit of my cock into her mouth, looking up at me with an expression of triumph in her eyes as she gazed up at me with her lips pressed firmly into my stomach.

As much as I might liked to have this continue longer, this was all I could take, and she could sense this, too. She looked up at me as she came up to the tip of my cock, and as it came out of her mouth she said with a grin, “Some people might think this makes me naughty, but I think it’s what nice girls should do – I want you to cum in my mouth, Santa.”

As she popped my cock back in her mouth and started going to town, the unthinkable notion of filling my own daughter’s mouth full of my cum caused me to do just that, as I exploded with the biggest orgasm of my life. As I shot load after load of cum into her mouth, she looked up at me with a look of joy, and I felt her body quiver between my legs – my daughter was having an orgasm herself as she swallowed down my steaming load! After what seemed like an eternity, I finally stopped cumming, and I saw her throat work as she swallowed down every drop. She continued to gently suck on my softening cock, not stopping until my last pulse of orgasm had faded away. As she let my cock slip from her mouth, she licked her lips, smiled, and said, “Thank you for that yummy Christmas candy, Santa.”

I did not trust myself to respond, and simply slumped back in my chair, as sexually satisfied as I have ever been. Sabrina stood up, smoothed out her dress, and leaned over me to kiss me gently on the lips. She then moved her lips near to my ear and said softly,

“We should do this again, Daddy. At home I can get naked for you, too.”


Daddy I Made a Mess Pt. 04


As always all Characters are over eighteen.

This is the 4th Chapter of, Daddy I made a mess, for it to make sense it is better if you at least read chapter 1. To be honest this chapter should have been chapter 2.

Please feel free to comment.

A pink haze of lust blurred his mind as Chris stood motionless staring at his daughter’s pink panties. Wicked thoughts, indecent thoughts, incestuous taboo thoughts. Silky pink pantys pulled tight into Chris’s daughter’s gushing wet pussy thoughts. The jiggle of her sexy ass and thigh gap with a hint of pink panties teasing his perverted mind as she left the kitchen last night thoughts. Chris’s dream came back to him in parts more and more as it started to feel so much more real. So vivid in his mind when Chris placed his hard cock to his little girl’s sleeping lips.

Then as Chris watched over Alina’s stunning teen body, touching herself intimately, wearing the same silky pink panties, and her sensual moans of,” I’m Cumming, daddy.” Those same soft panties are now inches away, seducing his mind again into a burning need to touch and feel them wrapped around his firming cock. To feel them in his fingers, bring them close to his face so he can breathe in his daughter’s young lust. To feel Alina’s wetness on his lips and her musky girl essence on his tongue. Lap at her sweetness and feed his indecent desires.

Unable to control his forbidden passion anymore in a rush of blood, Chris snatched the panties from the clothes hamper, his mind-bending with taboo need, as his cock throbbed harder in his hand. The silky feel was so soft as he brought them closer to his face, feeling his sexy daughters wetness. Chris’s panty fetish had already cost him his marriage, but his denied need had finally overtaken his sensibility.

His little girl’s panties were not just wet but soaked and still warm to the touch in Chris’s trembling hand, the scent filling his perverted senses. Intoxicating his mind with obscene images of his daughter fucking her fingers and the slutty mess in Alina’s panties she undoubtedly left for him to find.

The contorted look of sexual bliss on Alina’s face as she came, moaning in his dream, “Daddy, daddy please oh fuck oh fuck, dad, I’m Cumming.

Running his thumb over the slick cotton crotch, Chris was compelled to go to Alina’s bedroom with the dream now fully remembered in his mind. Opening the door to the same soft yellow glow of morning light filtering through her drapes. Casting Chris’s mind into a desire he had been able to control until now.

Finding her bedclothes arranged precisely as he remembered in his dream just before he awoke. Her pillows propped up against the headboard, Alina’s bedsheet forming to where her body had been laying minutes ago. Chris’s eyes were drawn to where her sexy ass had settled into the mattress and then saw the wetness. The bottom sheet was as soaked as the panties in his hand, forming a perfect outline of her ass cheeks, fanning out into a moist vee.

Chris’s mind was spinning with incestuous thoughts, trying to comprehend his depraved emotions, perverted taboo emotions, his cock now painfully hard and needing attention.

Chris pushed his daughter’s soaked panties hard into his face sucking the creamy wet crotch into his mouth. Alina’s intoxicating teen scent bringing his cock to near boiling point, Chris lay on her bed breathing in her cum soaked bedsheets; mixed with Alina’s freshly showered innocent teen scent stroking his cock.

Chris teased her silk panties over his hard cock feeling the sheer lace material caress his balls and the engorged sensitive crown of his cock. Teasing them over the sensitive underside, letting the lace fabric dance against the tip. Adding his wetness to Alina’s as his cock leaked more of his depraved lust.

Chris moaned his little girl’s name, “Tease me, Alina, tease me with your panties, tease me, oh fuck Alina, do you want daddy to cum in your panties, do you want daddy to cum on your pretty young face? Tell daddy, little girl, tell daddy where you want me to fucking cum? You teasing little slut, where do you want your daddy to cum.”

Chris imagined Alina standing at her bedroom door watching, wearing the same pink silk panties with a matching pink lace push-up bra. Moaning softly, “Cum for me, daddy,” One finger brushed inside the cup of her bra to flick over a hard nipple as Alina let her other tease at her panty clad crotch.

“Maybe your perfect teen titties Alina? Or do you want daddy to fill your pretty mouth with my cock and cum down your throat?

Tell me, baby girl, tell your daddy.”

Chris felt his cock throb and lurch as his cum boiled up through his thick cock, quickly wrapping his daughter’s panties around his hardness pumping it harder until he erupted, filling them with his perverted incestuous seed.

Panting and whispering, ” You made daddy cum, you teasing little slut, fuck, you made daddy cum in your sexy pink panties; it felt so fucking good, Alina.

Yesterday yenimahalle escort you teased me with a flash of your pink panties hiding under your towel, then teased me in my dreams, and now you’re teasing your father with your wet cum soaked panties.”

Chris lay in his daughter’s bed, slowly stroking his softening cock. He wasn’t sure if he should relish in his guilty pleasure as the overwhelming passionate emotions he felt had him needing more.

His taboo desire won through as his mind wandered to forbidden fantasies featuring Alina in various stages of undress and in lewd illicit and illegal acts.

His daughter’s promiscuous behavior was undoubtedly intended for him, perverting his deprived mind even more.

Finding himself with a pair of Alina’s panties soaked in his cum, dripping to mix on the bedsheets with his daughter’s lust. Chris could have easily given them a quick wash and dry like he usually did and put them back where he found them! But thinking, did she leave them for him to find? Would Alina notice if he just dropped them into the laundry hamper soaked in his incestuous cum? Innocent enough, throw some of his clothes on top, if she found them, then that was always her intention.

The next few hours became hell, and heaven rolled together in mixed thoughts of lust and depraved notions. Images of his daughter invading his mind throughout the day, thoughts of lying in her bed, using her lust-filled panties to fantasize with and indulge in his perverted need. And with the anticipation, his little girl might go looking for her pink panties had his cock needing more.

Chris had an ever-increasing need to see more of his daughter’s luscious teen body. Wanted to feel her warmth close to his, to lay her over his knee and luxuriate in her beauty. Grope her sexy teen ass over her panties and her tight body to little girl squeals of more. Knowing when Alina went to bed at night, her sweet nineteen-year-old body would be only a few feet away in the next room, maybe touching herself to sensual moans of daddy, teased his thoughts of what if…


When Alina returned from school, she quickly took a shower and washed the sex from her drenched pussy and soft teen skin. Going to her bedroom, Alina found her door open. Sure she had closed it as always, had the young girl thinking maybe her daddy had been in her room. Alina quickly went to check if her pink panties were where she’d left them–finding them at the bottom of the hamper soaked in her daddy’s gooey thick spunk under a damp towel and a pair of his pajama’s.

Alina’s young quim was already starting to moisten at the thought of her daddy using her panties to pleasure himself. As kinky as it seemed, it was everything Alina had hoped for, feeling her clit throb deliciously as she returned to her room. Naked but for a bath towel, she found her pussy start to moisten betwen her thighs and felt an uncontrollably need to pleasure herself. Alina to put on a pair of white cotton panties to cum in for her daddy to find later.

Soaking up her wetness with the cotton crotch before putting them on and rubbing her little pussy with passionate moans of lust and overwhelming slutty feelings controlling her body, her little pussy throbbing to be touched. Alina moaned, “Please touch me, daddy, touch me down there, rub your fingers over my wet pussy and make me cum in my panties for you.” Her pussy gushing with an exquisite slutty delight.

Lying on her bed, Alina teased her young pussy pulling at her hard nipples, edging herself for at least an hour, soaking the white cotton panties in a creamy mess before thrashing her little cunny; until she came to hysterical screams of, “Daddy, I’m cumming for you.”

With her panties soaked, Alina was going to leave them as she did this morning, with thoughts of what her dad would think when he found them? But decided to keep them in the hope of teasing her father with the slutty scent of her teen pussy and freshly soaked panties.

Alina redressed in her school uniform sans bra, leaving her blouse untucked, so it lay loosely over her breasts. Nestling lightly against her nipples, exposing just enough to entice her daddy’s need for her.

Alina’s lust again was on the ragged edge of obscene pondering ways to tease and seduce her father. About an hour before he usually gets home from work, Alina returned to the bathroom and re-did her makeup.

Going heavy on the eyeliner with a hint of eyeshadow, she spent the next few minutes outlining her lips with lip-liner before coloring them with a slutty shade of deep pink lipstick. Her flawless teen skin needed no further attention other than a light dusting of foundation.

Alina then teased her hair out until she got that perfect just been fucked bedroom hair look. She went and grabbed a school textbook from her room and lay escort yenimahalle on the lounge room floor. Propped up on her elbows, arching her back with the opened book in front of her.

Alina making sure to angle her body so when daddy got home and walked past, if he looked would see up her short skirt and hopefully a touch of her white panties and plump sexy ass cheeks. To be sure, Alina pulled her panties tight into her teen folds until her ass cheeks were squeezing out of the seams and her pussy ached to be touched again.

Idly lying in wait, fantasying about visions of her daddy stroking his hard cock wrapped in her pink panties and envisaging him pumping them full of his warm gooey cum.

Alina heard her daddy’s car pull up in the driveway, and her heart skipped a beat. Fraught with lustful desires hoping her plan to tease and seduce would push her daddy one step closer to fucking her tight virgin pussy.

She heard him drop his keys on the hallway table, followed by his footsteps on the hardwood floor approaching her. Then the silence was only interrupted by a sharp exhale of her daddy’s breath. Without turning to look, she asked, “Did you have a good day at work, daddy?” With her only intention to give him a reason to stay and hopefully stare at her slutty exposed ass cheeks and maybe a peek of her wet cotton panties.

Clearing his throat Chris, replied, “The usually Princess, how was your day?”

Just to keep her daddy looking, Alina made up story about having an exam tomorrow and hadn’t studied yet, asking, “Maybe you can help me after dinner, daddy?”

“Yeah, okay, sweetheart, not sure I can be much help, but I’ll try.”

Rolling onto her back, looking at her dads pale, shocked face, making sure he caught a good view up her skirt and her panty clad kitty and thanked him, “Your the best daddy, I’ll help you; with dinner, love you.”

With her legs a little splayed, she turned back over, lifting her legs from the knees, her skirt sliding up, exposing all of her plump young sexy ass cheeks for her daddy’s eyes.

Alina flicked a page of her book, wriggling her hips, making her ass cheeks jiggle. It was a full 30 seconds or more before she heard her daddy’s footsteps continue down the hall.

Alina had made herself so horny with her little exhibition she nearly jumped up and chased her daddy down the hall. But she had to remain patient, needing her daddy to make the first move.

Alina had to know her father wanted her in the same way she wanted him. Still lying on her stomach, she slipped a hand between her legs, cupping her eager sex, and it wasn’t long before she was grinding her clit into her fingers against the floor.

Alina getting herself off in a matter of minutes freshening her panties with more slutty wetness. The sweet scent of her sex had her wanting to keep grinding for round two until she heard her dad’s footsteps walking back towards her.


Chris walked past Alina’s bedroom, her door left wide open; he spotted the pink panties that teased his mind all day lying in the middle of her bed. Shocked and embarrassed yet with the show, he’d just witnessed his cock was as hard as when he cum in those panties this morning. With it clear in his mind that his little girl orchestrated her tantalizing show for his benefit.

Chris tiptoed back for another peek of Alina’s tight young ass. Seeing up her school uniform skirt, with her tight young ass on full display, was the most slutty sexy encounter he’d witnessed beyond up-skirt Tumblr blogs and his favorite schoolgirl porn videos. That was until now, seeing his little girl, legs spread and grinding her pussy into her fingers, spread enough to see her fingers glisten with her wetness eclipsed them all.

Chris, watching, released his cock and gently stroked himself until he heard the telltale sigh of a girl cumming. Her father reluctantly put his cock back in his pants and went to his room to change before making a start on dinner.

Walking back, Chris stopped for a few seconds and, with a lusty groan, asked, “What would you like for dinner tonight, baby girl?”

Alina had never heard her dad use that endearment; it made her pussy quiver with an unexpected sensual thrill. Sending a wave of pleasure through her teen body, making Alina’s nipples harden and her pussy quiver.

Alina lustfully replied, “Whatever you want, daddy, whatever my daddy wants.”

Trying to extend the words in a sultry and more suggestive tone.

Starting to play her game, Chris responded, “Anything, baby girl, anything your daddy wants, hey?”

“Yes, daddy, absolute anything!”

“We’ll see about that young lady; we will see.”

With a wiggle of her hips, kicking her feet, allowing her to skirt to ride over her ass again, “Anything daddy wants to eat is fine with me.” Hoping daddy would yenimahalle escort bayan catch her not so innocent innuendo.

Alina jumped to her feet following her dad into the kitchen. Catching up with Chris, taking his hand, she placed it around her waist, sliding it down to flirt with her ass and holding it there, tilted her head up to her dad and, without even thinking, purred, “Anything daddy wants,” and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

Continuing her taunt, Alina skipped ahead down the hall to the kitchen, her skirt flicking up to expose her anything and everything to daddy.

Once in the kitchen, Alina propped herself up on a kitchen bench, letting her legs dangle freely and spread enough to continue her enticement. Her skirt not quite reaching the lace tops of her nylons, leaving an alluring display of her smooth ebony thighs, knowing her daddy could easily see up to her soaked panty covered mound. The thought made her pussy tingle, and she had to squirm her tight young ass on the bench, trying to satisfy the tingles of her not so hidden desires.


As soon as Chris entered the kitchen, he was greeted by his little girl sitting on the kitchen bench. Swinging her legs back and forward, leaning back on the palms of her hands, causing her blouse to form tighter against her excited nipples poking into the thin white fabric of her school uniform.

Chris hesitated in the doorway; looking his daughter in the eyes, he saw a sultry temptress looking back, not his sweet young daughter. If eyes could fuck his daughters mesmerizing emerald green and hazel flecked eyes screamed yes! Her deep pink full, sultry stained lips screamed fuck me here, to daddy.

Chris’s cock swelling as he hoped Alina would avert her eyes so he could take in every detail of her perfect teen body unnoticed. Her full breasts mashed tight into her school blouse, her boobs so smooth and complete it was easy to see the outline of her areoles topped by her nubile teen nipples trying to burst free. With their eyes still in deadlock, Chris’s sultry little girl said, “See something you’d liked for dinner, daddy; oops, I mean, what’s for dinner, daddy?”

Chris’s gaze burned into Alina’s as he started to undress her with his eyes, his cock bulging harder into his loose running shorts, his arousal impossible to hide, and he had no intention of trying.

If Chris’s little girl was trying to seduce him, then she had won. With them both devouring each other with wicked thoughts, Chris approached his seductress, watching her eyes dart up and down his body, and Alina licked her lips, praying this was the moment she had spent months if not years trying to achieve.

Chris moved closer to his daughter, his cock tenting his shorts leading the way, seeing a glistening mess between his little girl’s thighs and the silhouette of her plump pussy mound soaking through the fabric of her white panties.

Chris pushed his thighs between her knees, spreading Alina’s legs until the bulge in his pants poked into the taboo mess between. They both felt his cock lightly nestle into the warm wet folds of fabric, their eyes still locked with forbidden sexual tension.

Alina slid a hand down to the hem of her skirt and whispered, “Daddy, I made a mess.” Chris followed her eyes as she looked down, lifting her dress, revealing the soaked creamy mess between her legs, Alina’s puffy pussy lips spreading into the soaked fabric, blushing pink with aroused expectations. Chris’s cock head throbbing in the divide, straining the fabric of his shorts.

Chris’s overcome with passion, growled into his little girl’s ear, “Do you like teasing me, you slutty little brat, Alina?”

The look in her daddy’s eyes had Alina terrified as her father intensely focused on her face. At the same time, they both breathed in the wet intoxicating scent of her teen sex.

Then Alina saw the sly, sensual look captured in his expression, the look that made her pussy quiver with needful slutty want. Their seductive gaze lingered for minutes, expressions of lust written in every crease of her daddy’s forehead, Alina’s sex bursting for her daddy’s touch, for him to take her, to be her first. A need she had held deep in her mind every day for a year or more, Alina reached her hand to absently touch Chris’s cock.

Chris caught her hand, and she pouted her full sexy pink lips whispering, “Show me, daddy, show me your cock. I want to feel it in my hand” with a needy desperation in her voice that Chris found sexier than any words he’d ever heard a woman say. But the words whispered from his daughter’s lips a hundred times more erotic, that Chris had to hear his daughter say it again.

Chris asking, “Say it again, baby girl,”

Alina took her fathers hand and placed it on her tits, positioned a finger to sensually brush over a swollen nipple, giggling, “Show me your cock, daddy,”

Her lips remaing open Alina’s tongue salaciously, gliding over her upper lip breathlessly, purring, “Please, daddy, let me touch it.” Pouting again like a little girl not allowed to play with her favorite toy.

Chris exclaimed, ” Fuck Alina, I’m your dad; you might be over eighteen, but you’re not too old to be put over my knee while I tan your backside.”


Family Submission Pt. 01


This is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise showed, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents in this story are the product of the author’s imagination or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All characters are adults over the age of eighteen.

Family Submission

My name is Sarah Thompson, and I live at home with my parents and my brother. I’m a little taller than average, about 5’11, and I get that from my mother. I have long blonde hair, also from my mother, and I try to keep myself in shape. I exercise, including some weight training, and I watch what I eat. I never had a problem getting attention from boys, and in college, I receive looks from men wherever I go. Standing taller than most women will do that, but I’m sure they’re more interested in my large C cup breasts. Sure, my hips are curved and I have a nice, rounded ass, but my breasts have always gotten most of the attention. Not that I’m complaining, I like it.

My father, John, is a self-employed defense attorney. My mother, Debbie, is a professor at the college I attend. She mostly teaches history, but handles other classes as the need arises. That leaves my younger brother, Dave. He’s three years younger than I am. We used to get along great, but the last few years have turned him into a nuisance.

Lately, I’ve had to fend off his attempts to spy on me. He’s always trying to catch me showering, or trying to peek into my room. I keep my door locked to keep him out, but that doesn’t stop him. I caught him recently trying to feed a small wire camera under my door. I told my parents, but they just told me that’s what boys do. I think my father talked with him later that day, but I saw nothing come of it. When I tell him to stop, he just laughs and tries to convince me he’s just playing around. Yeah, right!

I mostly keep to myself, and when I’m not in my classes, I’m working. I do work study at the university in student relations. I help students with schedules, changing classes, and basically anything that they need help with. I get paid, and they put half of the money toward my tuition, saving me thousands of dollars a year. My tuition is almost fully covered because of it, with only lab fees and text books my responsibility.

Everything changed a few weeks after the incident with the camera. I came home after work one day to see my brother sitting in the living room with a big smile on his face. He looked at me and winked, saying hello and that he was glad I was home. I asked him, “And why is that, you little shit? You have plans on trying to take pics under my door again?”

He just laughed, and saying nothing, stood up and walked upstairs to his room. We live in a big house, much bigger than we need. It has 6 bedrooms, four upstairs with the master bedroom and one smaller room downstairs. The house has a large garage attached, and we have a substantial backyard with a pool and a large shed my father uses as a workshop.

We always try to eat dinner together and have as long as I can remember. That night, my brother told my parents that he caught me with my boyfriend in my room a few nights prior. My parents were out of the house attending a party the university was hosting for staff, and I thought I could sneak my boyfriend in with no one knowing. I should have known my brother would snoop, but I was more interested in the sex that I would get from my boyfriend to think about that.

My boyfriend also attends college and is your typical jock. He’s on the baseball team and attends on a scholarship. I don’t see a long future with him, but he’s in shape, good looking, and great in bed. My parents know I’m not a virgin. That ship sailed many years ago, but that’s a story for another time. My parents never seemed to mind and didn’t bat an eye when I confessed that I had sex. They were always forward thinking, always about equality for women. That’s what made what happened next, even more surprising.

My parents let me have my life, but they have a strict rule of no one in the house without prior permission. My father is always on us to lock the doors and turn on the alarm, even if we’re home. He represents some shady characters, and he’s worried one of them may want to get back at him for losing a case. He hasn’t lost many, but even the best lawyers can’t win them all.

“I can’t believe you had someone in the house without asking first.” My father admonished me, “This is what, the third time this year? I just don’t know what to do. You’re an adult, Sarah, and you should know better. As an adult, you have your own life, but while you live with us, we need you to respect our rules. If you’re willing to risk the safety of yourself and this family, what else are you willing to do. If you’ll do this behind our backs, I can’t trust you with much of anything. Hell, anything you tell us I have to wonder if it’s the truth.”

I wasn’t a terrible person, and I listened to my parents, mostly. When I was younger, I would break curfew, always followed by uşak escort a lecture from my mother. My grades were decent, but nothing spectacular. To be honest, I was more interested in having a good time than studying and being responsible. The worst trouble I had ever gotten into was for stealing when I was a teenager. My dad, being a lawyer, got me off with nothing on my record, but they grounded me for half the school year. Again, with multiple lectures from my mother.

“Dad, I didn’t mean to get you this upset.” I apologized. “I didn’t see it as a big deal. You know my boyfriend and he’s been over before with your permission.”

“Sure, I can see that,” my father answered, “but the fact you did it behind our backs and tried to hide it instead of just telling us is what upsets me. If you just told us before, or hell, even later that night, I wouldn’t have been this mad. But you didn’t say a word. What else are you doing behind our backs?”

“Nothing, I swear.” I said, trying to salvage what I could. “I have done nothing else you don’t know about.”

“I wish I could trust you, but I don’t know if you’re lying to me or not.” My father answered, giving a heavy sigh and lowering his head into his hands.

My mother sat there and continued to eat, seemingly not wanting to even look up. I glanced at her to read whether it upset her, but she wasn’t giving any hints. My mother always deferred to my father. She had her opinions and normally didn’t hesitate to offer them, but if it differed from my father’s, she went along with him. Seldom would she stand her ground. I just figured it was her personality. She always had an opinion on how I should act, and when I didn’t live up to her standards, she didn’t hesitate to let me know. Lectures from my mother, while not a daily occurrence, happened often.

My father looked up, first to my mother, then to me. “I’ll let you in on a little secret, Sarah.” He began. “I believe the man should always look after his woman. I believe he should support his wife, both financially and emotionally. Anything she needs, the man should provide. He should also look after her to ensure she doesn’t get into trouble. Just as you’ve shown, left to your own devices, you did what you wanted without regard to anyone or anything else. That is exactly the behavior that I ensure your mother doesn’t exhibit.”

My mother just sat there looking down at her plate. Was I hearing him correctly? Did he mean he controlled my mother? “Dad, I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying.” I admitted. “Do you always tell Mom what to do, like husbands used to do one hundred years ago? You can’t be serious.”

“Oh, I’m very serious.” My father explained. “We’ve kept our relationship from you two. Your mother convinced me you wouldn’t need that type of upbringing, that it was important for you to follow your own way. You grew up in a different time than we did, and your mother begged me to not put you under the same rules she follows. I left the teaching of values and behavior to her, but I see it didn’t work. Why do you think your mother lectured you so often? She was trying to keep you straight so I wouldn’t get involved. It’s too late for that now, isn’t it honey, now that you’ve done such a wonderful job teaching Sarah proper values?”

My father looked at my mother when he said that last part, and I could almost feel his sarcasm. I’ve never heard my father speak to my mother like that. This was not the man I thought I knew. My mother just sat there looking at her plate with her head down. I looked at my brother, and he look as confused as I did. Did he know about my parents’ relationship? From his expression, it didn’t appear he did. He sat there with a blank look on his face, glancing back and forth between my mother and father.

“Dad, I’m sorry.” I apologized again. “I don’t know what to say about your relationship with Mom, but I don’t need nor want anything like that.”

My father interrupted me. “That’s enough Sarah. You need more supervision. Dave could stand to learn some responsibility, and I think it would be good for both of you to have your brother look after you.”

“Are you saying Dave will be in charge of me?” I snapped. “I can’t believe what I’m hearing. I will not be told what to do by my younger brother.”

“If you live in this house, you will follow my rules young lady.” My father replied, and I could tell no amount of talking would make a difference.

“That’s fine then, I won’t live here.” I answered, going over scenarios in my head of where I would go. I didn’t have many options, and with my adrenaline up, I wasn’t thinking straight.

“That’s fine.” My father answered calmly. “Leave, but you leave with nothing. I will not have someone living in this house I can’t trust, and I won’t support someone who I can’t trust either. Know this, however, if you decide to stay, you will live under our rules. There will be no negotiation.”

I stood up and said, “I’m leaving. Mom, I thought you had more of a backbone and would support me, but I can see I’m uşak escort bayan alone in this.” She didn’t say a word, but she looked at me when I stood up. She had a look of sadness and disappointment on her face. I was furious with her for sitting silently while my father gave me no choice but to leave. I didn’t see how anyone could expect an adult to agree to what my father suggested.

I went to my room, packed a bag, grabbed my phone and purse, and left. I didn’t know where I was going. I had less than $500 in the bank and no plan. The only person I could go to was my boyfriend. He lived in an apartment with a couple of guys, and I was sure I could stay over until I figured something out. As I drove toward his apartment, my anger subsided and the fear of my decision weighed on me. I had to pull over because my head was spinning and I felt light-headed. Once I got myself under control, I continued to my boyfriend’s place.

Long story short, I shouldn’t have bothered. When I knocked on the door, a woman answered it. I have seen her around the college hanging out with the baseball team. She was a groupie that just wanted to get with the players. I was certain she was with one of my boyfriend’s roommates until he walked around the corner with no clothes on and asked who it was. When she told him and he saw me, I knew immediately she was with him. I turned and walked away, with him pleading for me to listen, that it wasn’t what it looked like. I didn’t stick around to hear his pitiful excuses and drove off before he could get dressed and catch up to me.

I drove for a few minutes until I stopped and just cried. I must have sat there for an hour before I calmed down. I had nowhere to go. I ended up at a cheap hotel for the night, which cost me almost a quarter of all the money I had to my name. I picked up something to eat, and on my way back to my room, a man approached me. He was large, about 6’5 and must have weighed 300 pounds. He asked me where I was from, what I was doing there, and if I wanted to make some money. I tried to ignore him, but he kept talking. He told me he would take care of me if I would be his girlfriend. Hell no! I almost ran back to my room where I locked and bolted the door. I didn’t leave until the next morning when the hotel was clearing out and the maids were cleaning the rooms. I didn’t want to run into that man again.

Being a tall blonde with large breasts didn’t bode well for me if I lived an existence in cheap hotels. I would end up raped or worse. I saw no other choice than to go back home and try to make something work. I still didn’t think I could live with my brother in charge of me, but I also couldn’t live on my own if that meant seedy hotels or cheap apartments. So, after work that day, I drove home to face the music.

When I walked up and put my key in the lock, it didn’t work. My father changed the locks on me that quickly. I was angry. That told me how serious my father was. I almost turned around and walked away. However, after regaining my composure, I put my head down, took a deep breath, and rang the doorbell. My father answered the door and asked what I wanted. I told him I reconsidered and wanted to come back, and that I was sorry I stormed out. I was hoping he calmed down and reconsidered his position, but that was too much to ask.

“Understand, Sarah, that as long as you live here, you follow our rules.” My father informed me. “Do you agree?”

What choice did I have? I told him I did, but not fully understanding what awaited me. My father let me back in and told me to sit down while he called my mother and brother to the living room. Once everyone was gathered, my father addressed me and my brother. “Now that you two are aware of mine and your mother’s relationship, I see no reason to keep it hidden. As I mentioned, Dave will be in charge of Sarah. I have also decided that you, Debbie, will not have authority over Dave. If he needs correcting, that will be my job.”

“Dave and Sarah, understand that your mother receives punishments from me regularly. These take the form of anything from spankings to humiliation to loss of privileges. Dave, I will talk with you and explain how I punish your mother so you can punish Sarah accordingly.”

Growing up, they spanked me, but once I hit puberty, that stopped. Now I would get spanked again, and to make it worse, my brother would administer them. I don’t know if it was my father’s intention, but I was determined to follow all the rules so I would avoid punishments.

“Sarah, you will follow your brother’s instructions. You know my rules, but your brother will make any rules for you he deems necessary. You will follow all of his rules without question. If you have an issue with any of them, you can take them up with me. Be warned, however, if you complain and I find his rules are justified, I will punish you for that. Your brother will have total control of you. He will tell you what to wear, where you can go, and you will need to get permission from him to do anything.”

“Can I ask a escort uşak question, please?” I broke in. After my father told me it was ok, I explained, “He’s always trying to see me naked. He doesn’t have permission to make me undress in front of him, does he?”

“Yes, he does.” My father answered. I was shocked, and the blood rushed to my face, making me blush. I tried not to look at Dave. I was embarrassed. My father continued, “He’s in charge of you. He can do what he wants. It’s how your grandfather raised your mother, and she had two brothers. That’s why we have the relationship we do. Your mother reacts better when she is controlled.”

My father explained how my grandfather and uncles treated her. When she came of age, her father put her brothers in charge of her. They punished her and used her for sex whenever they wanted. He explained Dave would have the same privileges with me. My mother lived that life until she met my father and married him. Before their wedding, my grandfather let my father in on their family dynamic and my father continued it. Now I knew the reason my mother dreaded our vacations to see her family. They must still treat her that way, although I caught no hint of it.

That was to be my future, and I almost walked out again. I knew if I did, there would be no turning back, so I stayed seated. The idea of having sex with my brother was disturbing, but the look on his face told me he didn’t hold the same reservations. My father explained there were some big rules. One was that no one would get me pregnant. My father instructed my mother to get me on birth control and ensure I stayed on it.

The second was there would be no permanent damage to me. He looked at Dave and explained that if he did anything to hurt me permanently, my father would kick him out. Along with that came no permanent tattoos unless I agreed to it. Temporary marks from spanking or other punishments were fine, so long as they healed.

The third rule was that nothing he made me do could jeopardize my job or college. In fact, it was Dave’s responsibility that I succeed in both school and in life. If I didn’t, my father would hold Dave accountable. It was not all fun and games for him. That meant, however, that Dave had access to every facet of my life. He would approve my classes, ensure my grades were high enough, and that I kept my job.

My father told me to go to my room and not come out until someone came for me. My mother was told to stay in the living room, that my father needed to talk with Dave and they could use her help. I must have been in my room for two hours. My head kept spinning, and I was trying to figure out a way out of this. I heard everything my father told me about my mother, but I couldn’t wrap my head around it. The fact my uncles used my mother for sex was too much to believe. And that she went along with it, and still did to this day, was the most surprising. I sat in my room awaiting my fate at the hands of my brother, as my mother had once done years ago.

I almost jumped out of my skin when my door suddenly opened. I was used to locking my door and having someone knock before they came in. My brother didn’t bother, but just walked in like he owned the place.

“Well, that took a turn I wasn’t expecting.” He said, closing the door behind him. “Honestly, I was just fucking around, trying to get you in trouble.”

“Why the hell would you try to get me in trouble!” I exclaimed, “Lately you’ve been a little shit, and trying to spy on me just made it worse, but I always thought we got along. You’re my brother, and sure, I teased you, and you teased back, but I never thought you were malicious.”

“Sarah, honestly, I just wanted to fire up Mom and Dad and piss you off.” Dave answered. “Dad was on me to take more responsibility in my life. He’s always telling me to get off the computer and do something productive. It’s like I don’t do enough in school and in my job. I knew finding out you had your boyfriend over would piss him off and maybe get him off my ass. Sure, it put you in the line of fire, but it’s not like you’ve never gotten me in trouble.”

He was right. Like I mentioned, my younger brother can be a little shit. The spying is just the latest in a long line of things he’s done, but I haven’t been innocent. Just a month ago I ratted him out for skipping out on classes to attend a comic convention while my parents were out of town. Then there are the pranks. He’s tried to prank me, putting flour in my hair dryer (which ruined it), so I put chocolate pudding in his new shoes. The look on his face when he put them on was priceless. He paid over $100 dollars for those, and he never could get the stains out. I felt bad for that one, but there were hundreds of smaller pranks we’ve played since we were younger.

“Like I said, sis, I didn’t see this coming.” Dave continued, “Dad covered the basics of what I’m supposed to do. I’m now responsible for your behavior. If you do something wrong, I get to punish you, but I also get in trouble for it. He says you can always leave, but if you stay, you follow the family rules. He kept me downstairs with Mom to explain further. Hell, I can even punish Mom if I find her doing something wrong, and she has to do what I tell her. He said that was the way her family raised her, and she’s happier when she’s taken care of like that.”


Lack of Nooky Makes You Brave


Welcome to my take of a mother and son trapped together because of the Covid 19 crisis. I hope you find it enjoyable, and as always, comments welcome, both good or bad.

Five and a half long months! That’s how long I’ve been stuck living with my mother Connie since the pandemic started. I was going bonkers. Even with constant masturbation I was still suffering from an increasing set of blue ball syndrome. At least that’s what I called my condition. In reality it was just a lack of pussy that had me going stir crazy. At twenty, with a higher-than-normal sex drive, the last thing I had wanted was to be housebound with my forty-one-year-old mom. Not that I didn’t love her to death, because I did, it was just real hard not being able to have women over to satisfy my libido. Another problem that compounded the situation was the fact that my mom was an extremely attractive woman. Not runway model hot, but hot in her own way. She stood roughly five-five, weighed around one-twenty-five or so, with short black hair that framed her oval face. She also had one of the roundest butts I’d ever seen. As far as her tits went I could only guess, but I would have to place them in the upper b-cup range. Now I’ve never perved on mom before because, well, she was mom. The thing that made her attractive in my eyes were her sparkling blue eyes and her infectious smile. She had a way of smiling that made you think everything was going to be okay.

As for me, I took after my dad Mike, six foot even with grey-green eyes and a shaggy head of brown hair. I also sported his wide shoulders and broad chest that was thick with hair, something the ladies seemed to love running their fingers through. Another thing the ladies loved was my cock. On a good day it would expand to over six and a half inches long, closer to seven, and was quite thick. It wasn’t just the size that had the ladies coming back for more; it was how well I could use it. With enough concentration I could prolong blowing a load for close to thirty minutes, at least that was my record for now. If this pandemic lasted too much longer I was sure that the time I could hold off would drastically decline, so in an effort to prevent that from happening I’ve gotten into the habit of edging myself. I’d stroke my cock until I was about to pop then stop until the feeling passed, then start back up. Lately I’ve been doing this usually three times a day, every once in a while I’d go four, but that was rare. Today was one of those rare days.

It was nearly ten at night and I was stretched out naked on my bed watching porn while slowly stroking my shaft. I’d been at it for close to forty minutes when I realized that today just wasn’t my day. For some reason I couldn’t get my head into it. Even porn had lost its allure. It was always the same ole shit. Giving up I slipped on my boxers and headed to the kitchen for a late-night snack. Apparently mom had the same idea.

Mom’s house is a three-bedroom single-story that had all the bedrooms at the back of the house with an open concept design in the front. If you were in the kitchen you could see everyone that was in the front room and vice versa. As I drew closer to the front room I noticed it getting brighter. When I exited the hallway leading to the bedrooms I saw that mom was bent over looking in the fridge, the light inside barely illuminating her. The thick carpeted floor in the living room made my approach soundless. My heart beat faster as I watched her rummage around looking for something, her backside pointing in my direction. Because the only light was coming from the fridge I wasn’t able to make out any details other than I could tell she was wearing one of dad’s old wife beaters. I couldn’t really see anything, but never the less, having her ass pointed at me had my cock straining in my underwear, a problem I solved by pulling my raging boner through the slit in front. It pointed straight at mom and the head oozed pre-cum.

There comes a time in every guy’s life when lack of nooky makes you brave, or in my case, totally stupid. Without thinking, or I should say, while thinking with my little head, I snuck up behind mom with the intention of poking her in the crotch just to see what she’d do. What I had no way of knowing, since I couldn’t really see, was the wife beater had ridden up on mom’s ass and she wasn’t wearing panties. Two things happened almost simultaneously, first; the wet head of my cock made contact with mom’s uncovered slit. Secondly, startled, mom pushed her ass backwards causing the head of my cock to slide past her outer lips and up into her motherly sheath. The sensation of having my cock in a warm pussy overrode any rational thought on my part. Placing my hands on her hips I pulled her backwards until my entire dick was inside her. She let out a little moan then stood and spun around to face me, a look of fury on her face.

“What the fuck! Did you just stick your dick in me?” she screamed.

Why she’d ask that was beyond me, it was pretty obvious I did.

“I’m sorry Mom, that wasn’t supposed yozgat escort to happen,” I croaked as my cock wilted faster than a rose plant in the middle of the Sahara Desert.

While I tucked the limp remains of my cock back in my boxers mom went over and flipped on the overhead light. When she turned back to face me I felt a spark of life in my shorts. I don’t think she was aware that by turning on the light she was effectively on display. I could clearly see her nipples through the worn-out materiel of the white wife beater. Her areolas were a dark brown, the size of half dollars, and as my eyes sank lower I could also see the triangular shape of her bush through the shirt. More life surged in my boxers as I eyed her up.

Still unaware of her vulnerability she placed her hands on her hips and asked, “What were you thinking Paul?”

“I-I guess I wasn’t thinking Mom,” I meekly answered.

“Apparently not, I’m your mother for Christ sake,” she replied.

“I really am sorry Mom,” I once more apologized.

She gazed at me for several long moments before saying, “Just go back to bed. We’ll talk about this in the morning.

As I went down the hall the memory of how good it had felt inside my mother’s pussy had my cock returning to an erect state. A quick detour to the bathroom fixed that problem. It didn’t fix the problem I had falling asleep though.

With the dawning of morning I decided to take my medicine and be done with it. I’d made a huge mistake and now I had to own it. With those thoughts in mind I dressed and headed to the kitchen for some much-needed coffee. I was on my second cup when mom strolled in looking like she hadn’t slept much either. She was bundled up in her floor-length robe, the sash around her waist tightly tied leaving me no chance to see anything. After getting herself a cup she came over and sat across from me at the table. Neither of us spoke for some time. Mom sat there silently sipping her coffee as I sat there waiting for the axe to fall. When it didn’t I took matters into my own hands.

“Listen Mom, I can’t apologize enough for what happened last night. All I was going to do was goose you, I didn’t plan for my co…penis to go in. I thought you had panties on.”

Mom glanced my way and gently said, “Then why didn’t you stop when you realized I wasn’t wearing any? Instead you deliberately pulled me back onto your cock.”

Mom saying the word cock made my head spin. Looking down I mumbled, “Because it felt so good.”

Leaning forward mom said, “What did you say, I couldn’t hear you?”

Gazing into her eyes I said, “Because being in you felt sooooo good I couldn’t control myself.”

Mom stared at me for a few seconds, her eyes clouding up as if she too was remembering how it had felt. I saw her shake her head before she resumed talking.

“Sweetheart, I know how hard this lockdown has been on you. Hell, it’s hard on me too. But we can’t let our base instincts take over. We can’t let things get out of hand just because masturbating isn’t quite cutting it anymore.”

“Wait, are you saying you masturbate too?” I stammered.

Mom chuckled before replying, “Honey, I have needs too. Your father has been gone for over four years now, you don’t really think I’ve been celibate for that long do you?”

I hadn’t ever given my mother’s sex life any thought. My father had been a captain in the fire department. On his last day on earth him and two other firefighters were on the roof of a structural fire when the roof collapsed killing all three. As for knowing what mom did or didn’t do, I wouldn’t have a clue. Being in college and living on campus two states away hadn’t allowed much time to spend with her. Now I was doing online studies while mom worked from home in her job as a school teacher.

“Honestly, I’ve never thought about it before,” I told her, my eyes involuntarily gazing at the top of her robe.

The smile mom gave me made me feel like all was going to be okay. When she volunteered to get us more coffee I watched with rapt attention as she went to the coffee maker. On her way back I noticed that the top of her robe had loosened and offered a small amount of cleavage for my viewing pleasure. She sat her cup down first, then came around the table to put mine in front of me. As she bent over to set my cup on the table I got a fleeting glimpse down her robe. It wasn’t much of a look but in the short span she’d been bent in front of me I did get an eyeful of tit flesh, certainly enough to make me uncomfortable in the crotch area. Now, all children are aware that moms know everything, and judging by the smirk mom flashed me I was positive she knew I had been looking down her top. Taking my cup I told her I had some studying to do and got the hell out of there, before the little head took over.

Thanks to images of mom’s tits being fresh in my mind I had a fantastic wank session, then sat down to finish some overdue homework. Around noon mom stopped by my room to inform me she was ordering supplies yozgat escort bayan online and wanted to know if I needed anything. I didn’t but stalled for a bit so I could enjoy her outfit. Being a teacher using zoom as her virtual classroom she still had to dress the part. Today she had on a pair of black slacks that hugged her round ass nicely with a cream-colored blouse tucked neatly into the waistband. The effect highlighted her trim figure without being too enticing. Even so, I knew with certainty that if I were a student in her high school history class I’d never get any work done, I’d be too busy trying to hide my boner.

Around two in the afternoon I finished my work and leaned back in my chair with my hands behind my head. Just two more weeks until summer break I sighed as I teleported my work to my instructors. I was finishing up my second year of a four-year quest to get my Bachelor of Science degree, with possible plans to get my Masters. Although I was fine with just a master’s degree, mom has been hinting that she’d really like to see me go the distance and get my doctorate.

My mind drifted from those thoughts and onto thoughts of mom. Specifically mom’s pussy. Last night when I had my cock buried in her I didn’t have enough time to truly appreciate how it felt. Now I had plenty of time to dwell on it. As the memory of how tight she’d been came flooding back a shudder ran up my spine. I should have been thinking about how wrong it was that I’d even been inside her, but I wasn’t. Instead my mind focused solely on how wonderful it had felt. My cock responded to the lewd thoughts running through my brain until the jeans I was wearing became unbearably tight in the crotch. In order to relieve the pressure I stripped out of both my pants and boxers, fighting valiantly to resist the urge to rub one out. Throwing on an old pair of silk basketball shorts I headed to the kitchen for something cold to drink, and while I was there I decided to do something nice for mom.

I knew that one of her favorite things was iced tea, so I made her a tall glass and headed to the spare bedroom. When I reached the door I saw that it wasn’t closed all the way, so using my shoulder I nudged it open enough to slip inside. She had done a fantastic job of turning the spare room into a classroom. There was a long folding table she used as her desk, on it sat her laptop with the built-in webcam for communicating with her class. Behind that she had her highbacked chair, and on the wall directly behind that she had even installed a large chalkboard, which she was in the process of writing on as I watched unnoticed. A smile played on my lips as I observed how sweetly her slacks molded themselves to her firm round cheeks. I could just visualize what it would be like to sit in her class and stare at that wonderful ass. I knew if I didn’t hurry and get out of there I’d sprout a woody, so I cleared my throat to get her attention. When she turned to look I saw her eyes spot the glass in my hand. I was rewarded with one of her ‘everything will be alright’ smiles.

Staring into her laptop she said, “Class, I’ll be right back, so while I’m away I want you all to turn to page fifty and read the first chapter.”

Mom walked over and took the glass from me.

“Thanks sweetie, this’ll hit the spot,” she told me, then took a small sip and sighed.

“Your welcome, I thought you might need some refreshments.”

She had another sip then whispered, “Ahhh.”

When she started to turn away and head back to teaching I placed my hand gently on her shoulder and leaned in close to her ear.

“Mom, have I told you how beautiful you are?” My question brought a sparkle to her eyes, right before she leaned in and kissed me tenderly on the cheek.

“Thank you, now get so I can finish,” she whispered.

I spent the next two hours flipping from one channel to the next on the TV to no avail. There wasn’t a damn thing worth watching. When mom came out I spent the next fifteen minutes sneakily watching her. The smirk on her face as she came out of the kitchen told me I hadn’t been sneaky enough.

One of her favorite things to do after work was yoga. She was almost fanatical about it, always has been for as long as I can remember. So when she told me she was going to her bedroom to do it an idea popped into my head.

“Why don’t you do it in here? I’m sure you didn’t use your bedroom before I got home,” I told her.

“Oh honey, I don’t know. I wouldn’t want to traumatize you by making you watch a middle-aged woman doing yoga.” The chuckle in her tone told me she was just funning, but I was dead serious. I’d much rather watch her do yoga than what was on the television any day.

“Please, forget about age, because you’re smoking hot. I’m sure I’ll survive unscathed, besides there’s a hell of a lot more room out here than there is in your bedroom. More room to stretch, or whatever you fitness nuts do,” I was almost pleading with her, and I think she knew it.

She fixed me escort yozgat with an odd look then said, “Alright, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

I’d almost given up hope that she would return because she was taking so long, so I resumed my fruitless search for something to watch. When she did show up my jaw hit the floor. She was carrying her exercise mat and a bottle of water, but that wasn’t what had my undivided attention. It was what she was wearing that had a lot of blood rushing to my lower region. Her top was a light grey sports bra that clearly showed she had nothing on under it, and the grey yoga pants she wore looked painted on. After she placed her mat on the floor she turned my way just long enough for me to see her nipples making twin points through the bra and her pants were so tight there was some serious camel toe going on.

She gave me a crooked smile and said, “Last chance to change your mind.”

Where she had placed her mat forced me to turn sideways on the couch to watch her, but it also prevented her from getting a good look at my tented shorts too, so I was golden for now.

With a chuckle and a wave of my hand I said, “By all means, knock yourself out.”

Over the next forty some minutes I was in hog heaven. I had no idea my mother was so flexible. She bent this way and that way so fluidly I thought it had to be an optical illusion. No one should be able to contort themselves like mom was doing. Each time she struck a new pose she’d try to explain it to me, but it all went in one ear and out the other. Hell, I was so entranced by her gracefulness I couldn’t even remember what she’d just said. But when she said she had one more pose to do, the downward facing doggie, I snapped to attention. I was sure I was salivating by the time mom’s ass was sticking high in the air. I was positive that this was my new favorite position in the world.

“God Mom, that pose just begs for me to come over there and swat your ass,” slipped from my lips before I could reign the thought in.

“Go ahead, then see what happens young man,” she shot back.

Laughingly I replied, “Ooohh, I’m scared!”

Still in the pose she glared at me and said, “Don’t make me break open a can of whip-ass on you son, because I will.”

It was on like Donkey-Kong with those words. Before she had a chance to move I jumped off the couch, yanked off my t-shirt and raced over just in time to snap her on her nearest cheek with my shirt. Grinning from ear to ear I turned and started back to the couch, that’s when she pounced. Before I knew it she had one arm around my neck and her legs wrapped around my waist. With her free hand she began to give me noogies on the top of my head. Laughing hysterically I lost my balance and we ended up crashing onto the couch before momentum rolled us onto the floor. Mom ended up under me, so I squirmed enough that I was facing her. I think both of us realized the position that put us in at the same time. Mom’s legs were still wrapped around me, her hands pressed against my chest, with my rigid cock nestled into the crotch of her stretchy pants. I thought I heard her moan when I involuntarily thrust my cock harder against her cunt, but I wasn’t sure, for all I knew it could have been me. For what felt like ages we just stared into each other’s wide eyes as it dawned on us how this must’ve looked.

Finally mom lightened the mood by saying, “Have you had enough, or are you thirsty for more.”

Cocking my head I smiled and said, “Bring it on girl.”

Mom’s eyes sparkled with mischief right before she started pulling on my chest hair. Caught by surprise I rolled to the side trying to get away. Her body followed and we ended up with me on my back and her sitting on my crotch. She gave both of my nipples a pinch then busted out laughing. I figured tit for tat, so I reached up and tweaked hers.

“I can’t believe you did that,” she squawked.

“You did it first,” I reminded her.

“Yeah, well see if you can top this,” she cried.

Before I knew it she lay flat on me and swiftly pushed herself down until her face was level with my crotch. I didn’t have time to guess what she was going to do before she leaned her head in and bit my cock through the silk of my shorts causing me to squeal like a little girl, not out of pain but from surprise. Next she rolled away from me and jumped to her feet, a look of total triumph on her face.

“I can’t believe you just bit my dick,” I huffed.

Placing her hands on her hips she gazed down at me and replied, “Just consider that punishment for sticking it in my pussy last night.”

“Fair enough,” I conceded.

With a truce called she helped me to my feet. I sat on the couch gingerly rubbing my crotch. Mom saw what I was doing and said I was lucky I had shorts on, otherwise it could’ve been worse.

“It was bad enough; these shorts are super thin. I’ll bet you left teeth marks,” I said in my little kids voice.

“Oh stop your crying, you big baby, and show momma where it hurts,” she laughed.

I was sure she didn’t think I would, but she was wrong. Very wrong. I was still hard so when I pulled the leg of my shorts up, out sprang close to seven inches of rock-hard throbbing man meat. Mom stared at my cock as if in a trance, the tip of her tongue coming out long enough to wet her bottom lip.