Christmas Shutdown

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Christmas Shutdown
I was working at a place that would shut down for a few weeks during Christmas. It would require a few employees on each shift. I was working nights at the time. My job was Safety. I was there one night when some of the regular guys I saw all the time came in and needed me to sign off on some papers. This one guy was a Rigger and the other was a Machinist.. The Rigger was a Huge Man. He was not that tall.. Maybe 5′ 6″ or so .. But he was almost as big around as he was tall.. Huge legs and arms. He could barely fit in his coveralls. Unbelievably Strong.. Carried very heavy things around all the years he worked there. The Machinist was a more normal size of a man with huge hands and very thick thighs..
We do the normal greetings with both of them entering my office.. The Machinist sits and hands me some papers.. I lean over open a drawer on the desk and look for a pen.. Nothing in there to write with.. so I go over to the File cabinet bend over, look into the lower drawer. I find a new box of Pens and this being a very small office don’t turn around. I just backed up and proceeded to sit in my chair like I always do. It seems my Now Very Good Friend the Rigger has decided to sit in my Chair while I was up. So as I am sitting back down I am met with his hands on my hips. I am more than surprised at this and tried to get up and at the same time saying how sorry I was for sitting on him… This all happened very fast. Before I knew it I was in a Bear Hug with one of his arms holding around my lower chest and both arms. His other hand is moving up and down my inner thigh on his way to my dick and balls. The Machinist is still sitting down watching all this. I am still in shock as I watch the look on the Machinist face go from “WTF” to a huge smile and an evil look in his eyes.. Instant fear shot thru my whole body… I was Babbling something about getting caught, getting Fired… Enough is enough .. This is not Funny.. The Rigger has me tight against his body with no chance of me getting loose. The Machinist gets up and locks the door and turns off the light. Now the only light in the room is thru the window from the street light. My mind is going a Million miles a second and I am starting to sweat with fear. I am being held tight and felt up at the same time.. The Machinist is walking toward us saying not to worry the place is empty no one will hear us.. The only thing I can think of is “HEAR US”??? This is not good.
Now I am starting to beg and hope this is just a PRANK.. No such luck.. The Rigger has my Dick and Balls in his hand, giving me a good squeeze. As the Machinist is reaching for my zipper on my coveralls. The Rigger lets go of my Dick and moves his hand up and down my thighs again. All the while saying “Hey Man I Think He likes this”… I can feel the Riggers big Dick against my ass and he has gotten hard. My zipper is down and the Machinist hand is now inside my coveralls reaching for my Dick. “Hey he is hard” and I notice I am hard with him moving his hand up and down my Dick with one hand and grabbing my balls with the other.. The Machinist stops what he is doing with me and smiles as he starts to stand up…Reaching for his zipper on his coveralls while he is looking at me like I am his next meal.. As he is stripping off his coveralls he is starting to talk about me not wearing anything under my coveralls and my Dick and Balls are Shaved… Out pops his now semi hard dick and it is uncut and very long. As he steps out of his coveralls toward me I am eye to eye with his Big Dick.. He starts to put his dick on my face while he is telling me to open my mouth. The Rigger grabs my Balls and starts to squeeze .. I open my mouth to say Ouch and in goes the Machinist Dick.. Just the head at first.. Then both his hands on my head and a slow push pull Fucking my mouth turns into them both talking dirty and telling me how much fun we all are going to have.. I can feel the Rigger pushing his hips up against my ass and his very fat Dick is pressing against my hole and moving up and down my Crack.. The Machinist is fully hard and now pulls out of my mouth.. Walks over to my desk and clears off the papers and files.. Turns back around and tells the Rigger to bring me over as he sits on top of the desk facing us.. As the Rigger starts to stand I can feel his Dick pushing against my hole thru my coveralls. I am being carried like a Rag Doll over to the desk. Holding me around my stomach with his one arm.. The other hand is pealing off my coveralls.. Putting his hand on the back of my head my face is pushed down between the Machinist spread legs. The Machinist dick is now balls deep in my mouth with his hands on both sides of my head. Lifting my head up and down telling me to suck, then lick his balls as he pulls my head off his dick. I have his balls being stuffed into my mouth and soon my face is being pushed down towards his hole… Now I am being told to lick his hole and stuff my tongue into his ass nice and deep.. All this time the Rigger has had his one hand on my back and his other hand on my balls. Squeezing and pulling my balls then pulling my dick.. then back to Squeezing my balls and pulling them back and down.. I feel the Rigger move his hand down to my ass while he is working my balls over pretty good he now starts to play with my ass and my hole. Some sort of lube is being pushed into my hole with his very fat fingers.
I am being told to relax and enjoy it as each finger is pushing deep, turning around and around in a circle in my hole. Finger Fucking my Hole with one then two fingers… More lube… Then then two fingers back into my hole Lubing and Stretching.. I feel the fingers pulled out and then I feel his body pressing against my ass.. And what feels like a Fist trying to push into my hole.. I try and wiggle my ass free as I lift my head to speak.. I start to say something about not wanting to get Fisted…This is when the Machinist mentions to the Rigger that he has seen his dick and ” That fat thing of yours will stretch that ass and wreck it for ever… Let me Fuck him first”. I am looking forward to getting a more normal Dick in my hole first.. I by the time am horny as Hell.. With all the grabbing of my Dick, Balls and ass play .. Sucking on this guys dick was getting to me then being made to eat his ass.. Well I had forgotten all about where I was or how long all this has been going on.. I finished stripping along with the other two.. now the three of us have hard dicks and boots on.. Three Naked Bodies in a small room.. the Rigger is now leaning over the desk with his ass wide open.. Telling me to Hurry up and Bury my face in his ass and my tongue into his hole.. I feel my head being pushed forward as I am being pulled back and lifted by my stomach .. Raising my ass up I feel my crack and hole getting rubbed by the Machinist BBC.. As I feel him put his Dick against my hole I push back onto his Dick.. he and I stop for a moment so I can relax and get used to my hole being filled.. soon I am getting circular movements with a forward push.. I feel his balls against mine and his arms around my stomach pulling my ass against his stomach and grinding into me with all his strength.. This is when I am pushing back against him and using both my hands on his ass to pull him into me deeper.. My face is buried deep into the Riggers ass, so all I can do is grunt and squeeze my ass on his Dick. The Machinist gets the Hint of how I like to be Humped with a good hard grinding fuck.. He is reaching around me and grabbing my Dick and ball from time to time as he is giving me one Hell of a Good Fucking… My dick is leaking all over the place and I can feel my cum on my thighs.. With the Machinist Balls Grinding and Slapping against my Balls.. I am in Heaven with this kind of a Fucking.. The Rigger has changed positions and is now on his ass with is legs spread wide.. My face is being shoved up and down.. From his balls to his Belly my mouth and tongue are licking and trying to suck.. The Rigger has the Fattest Dick I have ever tried to suck.. And is now telling the Machinist to slow down and let me suck his dick.. It is all I can do to get the head of his dick in my mouth.. Now that my ass Fucking has slowed some what I can work this very Fat Dick into my mouth nice and deep.. The Rigger is making comments about how few people can suck him properly.. I stopped long enough to tell them both how much I like Dirty Talk while I am being fucked and sucking on a very Fat BBC… I did not have to wait long for the Dirty Talk to Flow out of both their mouths.. Stuff like “Skinny ass white Mother Fucker.. Suck that fat dick.. and this ass looks so good full of BBC.. we are going to come back here every night till the shut down is over and Fuck You Good”.. This went on till the Machinist filled my Ass with all his Cum.. Then I was told to get ready for a Real Mans Dick as the Rigger slid his ass off the desk.. They switched places so I could suck the Machinist off and keep him Horny and Hard.. The Rigger moved behind me and soon was pulling my body onto his dick.. Slow at first then after I was relaxed with his huge fat Balls against mine.. the lifting of my body off the floor began.. I was like a Rag Doll in his arms.. He would lift me, carry me, put me down and grind into my body and ass like no one had ever done before.. I had never been Handled by such a strong guy before.. He would whisper into my ear about making luv to me all night long.. After he found out how much I liked my ears, neck and body sucked on and kissed… I was informed how good he was going to be to me all night and the rest of my life.. How much he liked my mouth on his dick and how good my body felt against his and my ass was so tight and on and on… It seemed like this all went on for Hours. He even talked about his wife was never this good.. And he would be spending many hours making luv to me.. How he had been watching me for months.. Wanting to make all this Happen.. And all this talk was Driving me Crazy while he was fucking the Shit out of me.. I was telling him I wanted his Dick, and could not live with out it… After what felt like Hours I started feeling him grunt and Hump me even Harder… Grinding into me while his arms squeezed the air out of my Lungs.. I felt him Gasp and thrust … I could feel my thighs getting Wet and Sticky again… My Balls covered in his Seed.. Pressed against his.. His Huge Thighs wrapped around mine ..Crushing me with all his weight… I was Wiped out, Full of CUM… Fucked like I have never been Fucked before.. As he lay on top of me.. Both trying to catch our Breaths.. The Machinist just sitting back and watching us. While he stroked his dick, Smiling and Shaking his head from side to side.. The Machinist then telling us both “That was some show… I would Pay to see that again.. Hell I Bet I could find a Whole Room of Guys to Watch You two Fuck”.. I found myself telling them how good all that was.. Then telling the Rigger I was not just talking shit about wanting him to Fuck Me Again.. I was then telling him how I liked his dick still in my ASS.. The full feeling after he finished Fucking me with all the Slimy, slippery CUM filling my hole and covering our Bodies.. He was telling me how he liked staying in my hole and making small movements with his dick in and out.. Keeping his Dick Hard …
Then he holds me tight against him as he turns us over so I am laying on top of his chest and his back is now on the desk.. My Rigger is now moving my whole Body up and down against his body with his dick still inside of my Ass.. I am being fucked and I am on top of this Huge Strong Man … He is Fucking me by moving me up and down against his Sweat and Cum covered Body… OMG.. My ass is sore, I feel wiped.. But I am still Horny as HELL.. After some time the Machinist is looking at the clock on the wall mentioning about how we fucked right thru Lunch .. It is getting late and we still need to clean this place up before Day Shift Arrives.. We separate with my new Best Friend easing his Fat Dick out of my ass… I can feel the air on my open hole.. I feel like I just had a truck drive out of my ass.. The Rigger is still holding my ass with one hand and touching my Naked Body while making comments about how he is going to fuck me to sleep every morning when we go to my place. I will be sleeping with his dick in my hole so he can wake up fucking me.. I just smiled and told him to Bring it on Big Man.. I am Divorced.. She moved out.. After work he followed me home.

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