The Fall


The FallI live in this neighborhood made up of 40 to 80 acre ranches. Everybody is real nice and we look out for one another. Dorothy Jenkins, everyone calls her Dot, lives on a 40 acre parcel, small house and a couple of horses. Her husband left her about ten years ago, it was a nasty divorce. She is a petite typical Texas woman with long blonde hair, big blue eyes in her mid fifties. Big fake boobs. She is not half bad looking for her age. My grandpa and father both have said she is a fine filly, she would be a nice for a short ride but would be too much trouble for the long haul with all the baggage she carries. I once asked dad what that meant. He told that she was crazy and would drive any man crazy. Dot was always very sweet to me when ever I had gone over to help her with different projects. One evening a couple of my friends and I were hanging out looking for something to do. My buddy Jim had lifted a tall boy from his old man and we were taking turns drinking it. Being in our mid teens we thought drinking one tall boy was really cool. Then Jim said we should head over to Dot’s place at dark and see the show. I asked what he meant by that and Jim told me that her bedroom has a huge picture window that she leaves open and you can watch her undress and she walks around naked, something worth seeing. We headed over there thru the woods and ended up on this steep hill about twenty feet from her window which was wide open and you could see clearly into it. We hid in the brush and waited. About three or four other men showed up too, which was a little weird. I could not make out who they were and they even had binoculars. Soon enough Dot showed up and sure enough she undressed, almost like she knew we were there, kind of like a strip tease. But she did get completely naked, she even bent over several times. I am pretty sure one of these other guys was choking his chicken which kind of grossed me out and got me to thinking that we should not avcilar escort be doing this. I told the guys we should go. Jim said no and then called me a pussy and pushed me. I lost my footing and tumbled down the hill and landed right at her window. The fall shook me a little and I regained my wits I heard every one scamper off thur the brush. Then Dot came running out-“Kenny James! Is that you? Are you okay?” Dot said. “Yes, Yes, I am fine I just trip and fell in the dark.” I replied trying to think of some way to get out of this. “What are you doing out here in the dark?” Dot exclaimed. “I am looking for my dog, Pete.” I said. “Well come in and lets make sure you are fine.” Dot said.We walked into the house. Dot had a short robe on and a big fish bowl glass of wine. We both sat on her bar stools, one between us. “Are you okay? I hope you find Pete, I hate it when my dogs disappear.” Dot said as she finished her glass. She got up and went and filled her glass again. There were two empty wine bottles sitting on the counter and she just emptied a third. She came and sat back on the stool, her leg up showing plenty of skin and her robe covered her pussy by probably a 32nd of an inch. As I tried not to look, my cock knew what was right there and it got rock hard. I tried to hide the growing tent in my pants. Dot was talking and her words slurred more and more as she drank more of the wine. “You are such a good looking k**! I bet you have a lot of girlfriends.” Dot said. “Well I have one, she is nice. I bet you have a lot of boyfriends.” Not knowing what to say. “Well no, I am pretty lonely. The most excitement I get anymore is the evenings when I put on a little show at my window for those men out there.” Dot said. “You know about those guys?” I quizzed. “Well yes, it is a turn on for me. I like the attention but it would be nice to have a real man here with me. Sometimes when I am putting on the show I imagine those men would şirinevler escort come down into my room and join me, if you know what I mean.” Dot said with a coy smile. My mind was abuzz with a visual and my cock grew even harder as I tried to figure out if she just propositioned me. “So were you watching me? Is that why you fell down the hill?” Dot asked. “Well yes, I am sorry, but you are so pretty.” I could not figure out what to say to get out of what trouble I knew was coming. Dot stood up, I thought she was going to the phone to call my dad. She chugged the last of her wine and then set the glass down. To my surprise, she then dropped her robe and stood right in front of me buck naked. She then spun slowly around showing me everything. She then leaned in to me and kissed me. I stood up as she started to take off my shirt, her hands running up and down my bare chest. “It has been so long since a man has looked at me the way you have been tonight. I want to make love to me. I want you, I want to feel you inside me.” Dot said as she started to undo my jeans, my rock hard boner was making that a little hard to do. I did not say anything as I was so horny and overcome by what was happening. Dot pushed me over to the couch and as my jeans dropped. She then pulled off my boots and removed my jeans leaving me naked. I laid back on my back and she got on top of me kissing me. Dot’s wet pussy was rubbing all over my cock. She then grabbed my cock and guided it into her warm, wet bald cunt. She worked it up inside her till it was all the way in. I had never had sex before and was not sure what to do and was a little worried about not having a condom, but that passed after a few seconds of being in that wonderful little cunt. Dot then sat up and started to fuck me like I had seen on some porn sites. Everything was happening so fast, I was amazed by her tits as they bounced and she began to sweat from fucking me so hard. taksim escort Dot then started to play with her clit as she fucked me. My balls began to hurt and I knew I was about to reach that point but I did not want this to end that quick. Dot then yelled that she was cumming and began thrashing and bucking and grinding her cunt even farther down on my rod. I could not hold back and exploded deep inside her , pumping rope after rope of my sticky seed into her womb till it felt like a gallon of sperm had drained from my balls. Dot collapsed on top of me, my rod still hard and planted deeply in her gooey pussy. My whole lower half of my body was covered with a sticky mixture of our cum. Dot was panting and then she pulled me over rolling me onto the floor, my cock still inside her. I just started to fuck her again, this time I lasted much longer thanks the her well soaked cunt. After what felt like five minutes I flooded her insides again with a large load of my spunk. My cock deflated inside Dot’s sweet pussy. I stayed the night and fucked Dot a few more times in her bed, one time she did not even wake up. The next morning we awoke with my hard cock inside Dot. I just slow fucked her till she came and then I let my spunk flow into her. “I can’t believe that you are here and we are fucking. I am a cougar! I have so much to teach you. Was this your first time to have sex?” Dot quizzed. “Please don’t ever tell anybody, promise me! Don’t let this be a one night stand, oh Lord, you have to promise me you come over often and fuck me some more!” Dot pleaded. My cock grew hard again as this woman begged me to fuck her some more. “Sure, I promise not to tell anyone and I will come over every day to make love to you.” I said.That was a week ago and I have been over to Dot’s house everyday since, several times a day, to fuck the daylights out of her. And I am getting good at it as she orgasims almost every time I fuck her now. And her pussy is always dripping wet. She claims I am the best fuck she has ever had and wants me to bang her all the time. Fucking this woman that is older than my mom is great! I never would have imagined that when I fell down that hill that I would have landed right in the middle of this great pussy!

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